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ice cream cbd singapore

Celebrate National Women’s Small Business Month Help us celebrate National Women’s Small Business Month by .

This is literally the best ice cream I’ve ever had in my life. Unbelievable that it is gluten free.

Brown butter ice cream with cinnamon sugar churro dough and chocolate chip swirl.

National Women’s Small Business Month

We’ve taken to the streets of Los Angeles for Bodega On Wheels, our mobile mini-market in collaboration with our friends at 101 Coffee Shop, MiniBar, Future Gin, and Vervet. We reformatted our ice cream trucks to sell prepared meals, desserts, produce, alcohol, and pantry basics so that you can stay.

Coolhaus was built on the belief that leading by example helps inspire other women and younger generations to rethink the industries in which they want to succeed.

This may be my favorite Cool Haus flavor so far. Love the graham butter swirl stuff!

Delicious! An unexpected household favorite. The flavors strike a perfect balance!

Also jumping on the brown sugar boba trend, Emma’s Soft Serve offers variations of its soft serve with Okinawan brown sugar pearls. You can get the Brown Sugar Bubble Soft ($5.80) , or try the Wafer Bubble Mix Soft Serve ($6.80) which comes with a golden brown wafer.

Merely Ice Cream also serves handmade waffles to pair with your favourite ice creams
Image Credit: @merelyicecream

Made with Japanese milk, its soft serve stays firmly in place, even when you flip the Soft Serve with Charcoal Cone ($4.80-$5.30) upside-down! This is due to the use of premium quality Japanese milk, which makes the soft serve thicker and creamier. It comes in different flavours, such as Charcoal Cheese , Cocoa Sprinkles and Matcha Dips .

7. Smoocht – ice cream under 140 calories

There are even some flavours which are vegan-friendly, such as Lychee Beer , Pink Guava and Yuzu Sorbet . These do not contain milk or eggs, so you can have your fill.

Originally from Downtown Los Angeles, Little Damage serves ice cream that looks as good as it tastes. Holding their soft serves ($7-$7.50) are distinct black cones which are coloured naturally with activated charcoal.

Located along the vibrant and often-crowded Haji Lane, Muslim-owned Mooch offers a way for everyone to beat the heat. The Ondeh Ondeh ($4.50 for the Regular, and $6 for the Large) is a sweet treat with a gula melaka soft serve that comes with a generous serving of pandan fudge and crisp coconut flakes.

Here are 11 ice cream cafes and shops in Singapore where you’re sure to get your quality ice cream fix.