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i need a lab to test cbd isolate

The UK’s premier testing facility for CBD and hemp based products.

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Our Testing Services

Providing support to hemp growers, distributors and manufacturers, we can test your products and provide you with accurate results to enable your customers to put to market a safe product. We can test a range of finished product and extracts such as isolate and purified oil.

With our state-of-the-art custom-built facilities, we have the expertise and skills to deliver accurate results for your business. We understand that compliance and quality is essential for your CBD brand.

Using validated test methods, highly sensitive and specialised lab equipment, our testing service is designed to give you the confidence your CBD products comply with legal, safety and quality requirements.

CBD regulation is fast changing, so it is more important than ever to ensure your CBD oil undergoes testing at an ISO accredited lab. It will protect your company from future regulation, and leave your customers confident that you’re not cutting corners when it comes their safety.

Order CBD testing at an
accredited ISO 17025 Lab

Read on to learn more about CBD testing and our testing service. Please note that this service is outsourced – Medic Pro Ltd does not carry out the testing.

Whether it is to confirm the CBD content of raw material from a supplier or to verify that the THC level is within the legal limits, our ISO accredited CBD testing service can deliver accurate results, fast.

We offer high quality CBD testing services to help manufacturers, importers and retailers comply with cannabidiol regulations in the UK and EU.

Fast Turn Times

We’re dedicated to providing accurate, high-quality analytical data so our customers can make educated business decisions.

cGMP & GLP Practices

Products we test

We are capable of testing all types of matrices in the hemp supply chain—from biomass to concentrates to finished products. Our testing methodologies take into account the unique composition of each product category to provide the most accurate analysis.

ISO 17025 Accredited

We provide analytical testing services to meet your compliance, safety, formulation, and business transactional requirements. We offer:

We follow Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Laboratory Practices.