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Growing one of these selected hybrids seeds give you many benefits. For one, these are proven to have reliable genetics, exceptional traits, and high-yielders. Hybrid Cannabis Seeds from World Class Cannabis Breeders. We have sativa dominant hybrid marijuana seeds for sale and powerful indica hybrids. Browse the Seedsman collection of hybrid cannabis seeds from some of the world's best hybrid cannabis seed breeders.

Hybrid Seeds

Get the best of both worlds with our selection of high-quality hybrid seeds

Hybrid seeds contain a blend of indica and sativa genetics, giving you the best of both worlds. These hereditary traits produce powerful effects that soothe your mind and body. As interest in marijuana continues to increase, you can look forward to more and more mind-boggling cannabis hybrids.

If this is your first time hearing about hybrid weed seeds, you’re in the right place. We’ll discuss their benefits, effects, flowering time, and average yield. Plus, you’ll learn how to grow your own hybrid seeds, find the best hybrid weed, and discover how hybrids are made. Let’s jump in!

Hyper Critical Auto Cannabis Seeds

Cinderella 99 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Blueberry Head Band Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Jack Herer Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Candyland Peyote Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Lowryder Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Alien OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

LA Confidential Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Haze Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

CBD Kush Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Blue Fruit Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Bubblegum Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Strawberry Cheese Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Blue Cheese Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Gorilla Glue Regular Cannabis Seeds

Black Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Lemon Tree Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD White Widow Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Sticky Dickie Auto Cannabis Seeds

Big Blue Auto Cannabis Seeds

Gelato Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Blue Amnesia Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Diesel Power Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Blue Jack City Auto Cannabis Seeds

Gorilla Glue Lemon Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Hellfire OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Critical Daddy Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Disco Bizkit Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Purple Sunset Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Original Cheese Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Amnesia Kush Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Grape Killer 99 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Northern Cream Auto Cannabis Seeds

Cannatonic Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Fat Skunk 99 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Nikki and Swami’s Maracuya Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Runtz Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Cake Bomb Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Get the best of both worlds with our selection of high-quality hybrid seeds

Hybrid seeds contain a blend of indica and sativa genetics, giving you the best of both worlds. These hereditary traits produce powerful effects that soothe your mind and body. As interest in marijuana continues to increase, you can look forward to more and more mind-boggling cannabis hybrids.

If this is your first time hearing about hybrid weed seeds, you’re in the right place. We’ll discuss their benefits, effects, flowering time, and average yield. Plus, you’ll learn how to grow your own hybrid seeds, find the best hybrid weed, and discover how hybrids are made. Let’s jump in!

  1. Light (19)
  2. Less than average (7)
  3. Average (11)
  4. More than average (9)
  5. Heavy (31)More
  1. Space Travel (3)
  2. Slow Motion (4)
  3. Comedy Central (5)
  4. Party Partner (7)
  5. Doc’s Clinic (4)
  6. Active High (1)
  7. Curated Cultivar (2)
  8. Starting Point (2)More
  1. Light (4)
  2. Less than average (4)
  3. Average (18)
  4. More than average (32)
  5. Heavy (19)More
  1. 6-8 Weeks (13)
  2. 8-10 Weeks (55)
  3. 10-12 Weeks (11)
  1. Photoperiod (52)
  2. Autoflowering (27)
  1. Anxiety (75)
  2. Arthritis (72)
  3. Cramps (4)
  4. Depression (76)
  5. Fatigue (16)
  6. Inflammation (8)
  7. Insomnia (39)
  8. Migranes (72)
  9. Muscle Spasms (19)
  10. Nausea (11)
  11. Pain (8)
  12. Seizures (3)
  13. Stomach Ache (3)
  14. Stress (72)More
  1. Temperate/Continental (76)
  2. Sunny/Mediterranean (76)
  3. Cool/Cold (5)

Hybrid Marijuana Seeds – Grow Your Own Marijuana Hybrids!

Thanks to years of hard work by marijuana breeders, anyone can now grow their own hybrid seeds. All you need to do is pick a quality seed bank , like Homegrown Cannabis Co, and purchase your favorite hybrid marijuana strains.

Once you’ve read our detailed guide on how to grow hybrid weed seeds, you can start cultivating your own hybrid marijuana plants. Remember to check if your state allows at-home cannabis growing first.

If you live somewhere where you can’t grow pot at home, you might still be able to purchase weed seeds. Some states allow you to keep them as souvenirs , but it’s essential to check your local legislation first.

If the marijuana laws allow it, why not start a collection of hybrid pot seeds that’ll be ready for growing as soon as the authorities give you the green light?

You can buy various types of hybrid seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co. We stock regular seeds, feminized seeds , and autoflower seeds. It’s also possible to purchase hybrid weed seeds bred with various strains , giving you even more growing advantages .

What is hybrid marijuana?

Let’s get straight to business: what is hybrid weed ? In a nutshell, it’s a type of cannabis that’s infused with both sativa and indica genetics . This cracking combination gives you the best of both worlds: an instant mood boost paired with relaxing and sedating body effects .

If you browse our online store, you’ll notice that all of our marijuana seeds are split across three categories: indica, sativa, or hybrid seeds . Let’s examine the differences between these groups below.

Sativa weed plants typically contain high amounts of THC , the cannabinoid behind those idyllic feelings of euphoria. CBD is also present but in much lower doses . It’s best to consume buds from sativa cannabis seeds during the day so that you can take full advantage of their energizing effects.

Here’s an overview of the characteristics of sativa cannabis plants :

  • Region : Tropical and subtropical
  • Climate : Warm and humid
  • Growdifficulty : Medium
  • Appearance : Tall and open structure with thin leaves
  • Flowering time : 10 to 12 weeks
  • Effects : Uplifting, energetic, cerebral
  • Medicinal use : Widely used to assist people with depression, PTSD, anxiety, and other emotional and mental disorders

Indica cannabis plants are high in CBD , a cannabinoid that can reduce pain, relieve inflammation, and help you to relax and fall asleep. The THC levels in indica weed seeds are lower than sativas , and you won’t feel as much of a mind high. If you want to benefit from the medical properties of indicas, consume them in the early to late evening .

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Take a look at the properties of indica weed plants :

  • Region: Mountainous areas
  • Climate : Cool and dry
  • Grow difficulty : Beginner-friendly
  • Appearance : Small and bushy with broad leaves
  • Flowering time : 8 to 12 weeks
  • Effects : Relaxing, sedating, heavy
  • Medicinal use : Relieves pain, insomnia, anxiety, and other physical problems

Hybrid weed plants contain a blend of these genetics . On top of this, you’ll encounter hybrid marijuana strains in varying proportions. Some are sativa-dominant , while others are mostly indica . Some get up to 80% of their genetics from one parent, and others don’t.

Typically, the goal of most hybrid cannabis growers is to produce buds with balanced effects . In other words, a stoned body high combined with a cerebral mind high . To get the best results, smoke hybrid weed during the day .

Here are the general qualities of hybrid weed seeds, although they can differ between individual hybrid strains :

  • Region : Not bound to a specific area
  • Climate : Depends on the strain
  • Grow difficulty : Beginner to intermediate
  • Appearance : Medium to tall plants
  • Flowering time : 6 to 10 weeks
  • Effects : Euphoric, relaxed, sedated
  • Medicinal use : Relieves pain, insomnia, and depression

Why choose hybrid cannabis seeds?

There are dozens of benefits to growing marijuana with hybrid seeds. Let’s check out the top reasons that convince cannabis breeders to reach for these genetically blessed specimens .

One of the most attractive qualities of hybrid weed is the lucrative combination of sativa and indica effects . A few minutes in, you’ll start to feel an instant mood boost, paired with a relaxing body stone . Remember, not all hybrid strains are equal, so make sure you pick the right option for you .

Hybrid pot seeds are a fantastic option for first-time cannabis growers . They’re easy to cultivate and grow faster than other weed seeds . This is because hybrid cannabis breeders typically opt for parent strains with more height, fewer water requirements, and rapid growing times .

Many hybrids are also bred to be disease-resistant . As a result, your marijuana plant is more protected from infections that could kill it or significantly lower your yield. If you’re a newbie, you can start with our selection of beginner weed seeds , helping you grow more buds in less time with minimal work .

Thanks to their efficient genetics, hybrid seeds produce uniform and predictable marijuana plants . In other words, you get all their top traits and none of the undesirable qualities .

Most of the time, hybrid weed plants share the same characteristics . Marijuana seed banks usually describe them correctly, and you can purchase cannabis strains knowing that you’ll get what you paid for .

Another advantage of using hybrid seeds is their ability to produce a larger harvest . Once again, this typically occurs when cannabis breeders cross high-yielding parent strains . This genetic combination remains in the offspring , growing weed plants with lots of delicious buds.

Although you can predict your hybrid pot plant’s appearance and effects, you still need to remember to maintain optimal growing conditions . Feed it enough light, water, and nutrients to give it the best chance of producing large and juicy nugs .

What are the typical effects of hybrid-dominant strains?

The best hybrid weed strains contain an equal amount of sativa and indica genetics . Why is this combination so tempting? It gives you the ability to feel the effects of both worlds , making hybrid seeds a top choice for many cannabis growers and users .

After a few tokes of hybrid marijuana, the invigorating head high of its sativa parent kicks in. Then, you’ll slowly start to melt into the full-body couch-lock of its indica parent. Sounds like a dream, right? Many stoners acknowledge that there’s nothing quite like it .

By experimenting with the dosage of your hybrid cannabis, you can decide on the intensity of the effects you want to feel . Take fewer hits for a milder experience, or push your mind and body to the limit with a full-blown weed trip.

You can also select marijuana hybrids that lean towards the sativa or indica side , which is particularly useful if you want to relax your body while remaining focused and productive .

Top five hybrid seeds

With hybrid marijuana strains becoming more and more popular, there seem to be endless options you can get your hands on. The question is, which hybrid seeds are the best ? Let’s find out below.

In the world of weed, OG Kush is one of the most well-known hybrid weed strains . It changed cannabis culture forever, becoming one of the first hybrids to make a permanent mark on stoner’s hearts .

OG Kush Feminized seeds are bursting with flavor , incorporating earthy, spicy, and woody notes, infused with undertones of lemon. This mostly-indica cultivar delivers a stimulating mind high while simultaneously relaxing your body and melting away any neurotic thoughts .

Also known as Cindy or C99, Cinderella 99 is a powerful hybrid . Its effects lean more on the sativa side of things, while its growth structure resembles an indica . Cindy reaches a maximum height of three feet and boasts a bushy appearance.

If you’re a new grower, Cinderella 99 Feminized seeds are a great option. This hybrid weed plant is completely resistant to disease, pests, and mold . On top of that, it takes you on a psychedelic journey that stimulates your mind and makes your body feel fantastic.

Black Widow is rich in THC , enveloping you in an intense buzz that secured it the first spot at the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup . It grows up to three feet tall indoors and six feet outdoors , thriving in warm and sunny regions .

It’s easy to grow, so first-time hybrid cultivators are encouraged to give it a go. Black Widow Feminized seeds emit a unique fragrance , capturing sweet, skunky, piney, and fruity notes. Its strong effects energize your mind while your muscles relax and let go of any stress .

Boasting a rich genetic lineage , CBD Jack Herer has numerous benefits. It packs a punch after a single toke, producing sativa-dominant effects . Its low THC content means you won’t be as blazed as usual, and its lack of indica eliminates any couch-lock .

CBD Jack Herer Feminized seeds engulf you in waves of creativity and motivation , making it the ideal wake ‘n bake cultivar . You can easily consume too much of this delicious hybrid, so start in slow doses .

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Blue Cheese is revered for its incredible flavors . It blends the strong smell of cheese with the sweetness of blueberries, culminating in a mouthwatering aroma . It contains around 15% THC and 0.2% CBD .

Categorized as more of an indica hybrid, Blue Cheese Autoflower can turn your day around in a matter of minutes. Best used at night, it creates a mellow vibe that allows you to relax and unwind. At the same time, its minimal sativa genetics promise to uplift your mind and increase your energy .

Where can you find hybrid seeds for sale?

These days, most people looking for hybrid marijuana seeds turn to online shopping . It’s convenient, quick, and gives you a certain degree of anonymity . On top of this, it’s also easier to purchase rare cultivars or specific types, like high CBD seeds .

If you live in a place that permits the sale of cannabis-related products, you can also visit licensed dispensaries to find what you seek. However, physical stores don’t always have a wide selection of hybrid strains on offer, so there’s a chance you’ll end up shopping online .

At Homegrown Cannabis Co, we stock hundreds of hybrid seeds. You can purchase regular, autoflower, feminized, indica, or sativa seeds , along with indoor or outdoor seeds —the choice is yours.

Is it easy to grow hybrid cannabis seeds?

Hybrid seeds come in many shapes and sizes. In other words, you can pick a specific strain that’s been bred to produce fast-flowering plants or one that’s resistant to disease and pests .

Due to these different traits, you can make the growing process easier by selecting strains with beneficial characteristics . After that, all you need to do is follow our general tips below to grow the best hybrid weed.

Before you begin cultivating hybrid cannabis plants, you need to choose a cultivar . Think about what you’ve enjoyed in the past, and consider what kind of qualities you’d prefer your hybrid plants to have.

It’s also important to think about your growing setup . How much space do you have? Is it inside or outside? All of these aspects will help you pick the perfect hybrid seeds . Once you’ve made a decision, head over to Homegrown Cannabis Co and order your weed seeds .

When your hybrid seeds arrive, it’s time to germinate them . Start by gathering some purified water, paper towels, tweezers, and a plate .

Then, wet your paper towels and gently wring out any excess water . Place one sheet on top of a plate and add your hybrid seeds. Cover them with another paper towel and make sure they have enough space between them .

Put your plate of hybrid seeds in a warm and dark spot for around 24 to 120 hours . It’s essential to keep them moist and avoid any dryness . When you see a healthy taproot , it’s time to plant them.

If you chose an autoflower variant, it’s best to place the hybrid seeds directly into your growing medium, typically soil. This method prevents transplant shock and is usually easier for small containers .

To grow the best hybrid weed, you need to make sure you attend to the fundamentals. Here’s a brief breakdown of the essential things your hybrid cannabis plant needs :

  • Light : Indoor marijuana plants require a minimum of 18 hours of light every day . If you’re growing inside, you need to monitor this with a timer . Outdoor cannabis plants should only be germinated when the last frost ends , allowing them to get more than 12 hours of daylight.
  • Air : Outdoor weed hybrids are exempt from this, but indoor cannabis plants need proper airflow to ensure an oxygen-rich environment . Add an exhaust system for excellent ventilation and erase dodgy aromas with a carbon filter.
  • Growing Medium : If you want to grow organically, choosing soil is your best bet . Alternatively, you can opt for perlite, coco coir, rock wool, or vermiculite . A more advanced option is to use hydroponics .
  • Water : An indoor cannabis plant gets its nutrients directly from the water , which means you need to quench its thirst at all times. It’s also vital to monitor the pH levels of your water. If you grow outdoors, make sure you supplement any lack of rain with extra water .
  • Temperature : If it’s too hot or too cold, your hybrid pot plant can heat or freeze to death . Indoors, the ideal temperature is around 80°F . If you’re cultivating cannabis outside, you can use an app to help you time things correctly. If you start too early, it can bloom immediately and start revegetating when there’s more light, which we don’t want.
  • Nutrients : To help your cannabis hybrid s grow big and strong, you should add high-quality nutrients to their feed. This list includes compost, vitamins, minerals, and living organisms . You can purchase pre-made nutrient packs at Homegrown Cannabis Co.
  • Humidity : Hot air retains a lot of water vapor, which increases the humidity . It’s essential to eliminate as much warm air as possible , allowing cool air to enter. To lower the humidity in your grow room, you can upgrade your vents , increase the air supply , add a dehumidifier , and water your plants as soon as you switch the lights on .

What is the average flowering time and yield for hybrid strains?

Hybrid weed strains can vary in flowering time and yield amounts . What’s more, the length of your grow cycle depends on a few factors, including the type of strain and its conditions .

Here’s a general overview of the flowering periods for regular, sativa, indica, and hybrid marijuana strains:

  • On average, regular seeds produce pot plants that flower for 6 to 10 weeks .
  • Sativa cannabis plants have a short vegetative state, but they can flower for 10 to 12 weeks . Pure sativas can bloom for up to 16 weeks.
  • Indica weed plants have a shorter flowering time than sativas, generally blooming for around 8 to 12 weeks .
  • Hybrid pot plants typically grow fast during the vegetative phase, and their flowering periods are also quicker. Most hybrid weed strains remain in the flowering stage for 6 to 10 weeks .
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The numbers you see on the scale will also depend on the plant’s genetics and growing conditions when it comes to the expected yield. For instance, some hybrid strains are bred to produce more buds than others , without compromising any desirable qualities.

Here’s the lowdown on the average yield of hybrid plants :

  • Outdoors : Between 4 and 17 ounces per plant
  • Indoors : Between 2 and 4 ounces per plant

How are hybrid seeds made?

To make hybrid cannabis seeds, breeders spend years researching the results of crossing two different strains . Most of the time, the chosen cultivars have been selected for their specific traits , hopefully passing them onto the offspring.

Hybrid weed is an attempt to customize cannabis plants with specific qualities from sativa and indica strains . A successful hybrid inherits the top traits from its parents , making it a desirable option.

Typically, there are four types of hybrid strains :

  • Sativa x sativa : A cross between two different sativa strains.
  • Indica x indica : A cross between two different indica strains.
  • Sativa x indica : A sativa-dominant strain with indica traits.
  • Indica x sativa : An indica-dominant strain with sativa traits.

To make a hybrid marijuana plant, growers use selective breeding . They choose a female plant from one strain and pollinate it with male pollen from another strain . The seeds that are germinated will be bred again, ensuring the necessary traits prevail .

To stabilize these genetics, breeders cube the strain over several generations . This process involves breeding a child hybrid with a parent , reinforcing the best qualities.

Facts about hybrid marijuana plants

Want to make sure you know all the nitty-gritty details about hybrid weed plants? Check out this quick fact sheet:

  • The first hybrid weed strain to gain popularity was OG Kush .
  • Hybrid seeds are easy to grow , usually containing the best characteristics of their parents .
  • Hybrid pot seeds can be feminized, autoflower, or regular .
  • Hybrids can be mostly indica, mostly sativa, or a balanced mix of both .
  • It takes years to stabilize hybrid seed genetics.

Why buy hybrid seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co?

At Homegrown Cannabis Co, we have hundreds of high-quality hybrid seeds for sale . These weed strains are produced exclusively in-house . We go the extra mile to make sure all of our seeds are fast-germinating with stable genetics , covered by our germination guarantee .

You can browse our enormous selection of top-class hybrid marijuana seeds , including regular, feminized, autoflower, and CBD variants. We also stock strains that are suited to indoor or outdoor growing , and you can search for indica and sativa-dominant hybrids .

We ensure discreet delivery and offer easy payment options . At Homegrown Cannabis Co, what you see is what you get. We’re transparent, reliable, and here to give our customers a premium marijuana experience .

We’ve changed the lives of many customers by providing them with top-class hybrid seeds . Why not join our community of cannabis lovers and try growing your own hybrid weed plants today ?


Hybrid marijuana seeds are premium feminized cannabis seeds from World Class Cannabis Breeders.

These are exceptional feminized seeds have been bred to harness specific qualities like high potency, unique flavours and desired effects.

We have a the very best hybrid marijuana strains for sale, from sativa dominant hybrid sativa seeds to powerful hybrid indica seeds, we have something for everyone’s taste.


Best Selling Cannabis Seeds


The cannabis plant has thousands of strains that produce an abundance of variations. A hybrid is the offspring of two different cultivar types or strains. In general, there are three kinds of cannabis used for producing hybrids. They are Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. These come from particular landrace genetics, and each has its specific traits. A Landrace is a type of cannabis that was cultivated and adapted to its indigenous land. The individual differences of these strains are a result of their environment and isolation from other cannabis species.

While landrace strains still exist, the cannabis marketplace is overwhelmed by an ever-changing array of new hybrids created each day. These hybrids are some of the finest strains currently available thanks to the careful selection done by cannabis breeders


Cannabis hybrid seeds are the result of breeding between different cultivars, including other hybrids. Hybrids can be the union of a pure Indica, pure Sativa, Ruderalis, or any combination of the three. The main types of hybrid seeds are:

Indica / Sativa Hybrid Seeds

Indica , sativa , and h ybrid represent the three main categories of cannabis, with hybrid seeds providing users with benefits from both indicas and sativas.

C annabis strains considered to be ‘hybrid’ can be indica dominant, sativa dominant, or a split between the two. In recent years, a growing interest in the therapeutic properties of cannabis has led to a noticeable rise in demand for hybrids. Purely sativa or indica strains still exist, but the market is now dominated by hybrids. This has resulted in a massive increase in genetic experimentation.

The prevalence of cannabinoids and terpenes in a hybrid strain determines its effects. This means breeders can better control for these when developing new hybrid strains. If they’re trying to develop an energetic and focused feel, a sativa-dominant strain with a lower THC content is the go-to. Or, if a couch-lock, the more relaxing stone is needed, an indica-dominant with higher levels of THC is bred.

There is no end to the experimentation, and every day, breeders across the world are developing new strains to suit all kinds of consumers.

Choosing the Right Hybrid Cannabis Strain

Depending upon the dominant cannabinoid, individuals can reap the benefits of both indica and sativa via a hybrid strain. Use the filter on the left-hand side to sort the seeds by what you want out of a strain, and you’ll soon find what you need.

What’s the difference between indica & sativa? Find out in our blog post.

If you’re interested in collecting your own hybrid genetics, browse our selection below, Seedsman has the most extensive collection of hybrid cannabis seeds for sale online.

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