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humboldt harvest cbd tincture

Suggested Use: For relief from aches, pains, arthritis, sore muscles, injuries, chronic and acute inflammation, and chronic illnesses.

Our Relief tincture helps to ease times of body pain and inflammation. This concentrated formula is a natural way to care for your body and packs a refreshing mint flavor.

Dominant Terpenes: Beta-Caryophyllene, Mycrene

Two Sizes: 15ml (about 125mg total Cannabinoids) & 30ml (about 250 total Cannabinoids)

13:1 CBD:THC

Gillian Levy: And part of the identity of our brand really was kind of built around this idea of supporting our county, our community, because Humboldt County has been such a legacy location of the original growers in California. And many people have felt excited and also very nervous about legalization of cannabis in the state and then hopefully federally down the line because we’re very craft boutique growers in Humboldt. The landscape here for those that don’t know is extremely rugged and mountainous and steep, and there’s not a ton of like big open agricultural fields or anything. That’s a very small percentage of the total land cover of Humboldt County. So, a lot of people have really small grows here. And we don’t grow mostly with tractors and like big, industrialized equipment. It’s a lot of hand-done. So, we believe in our community. We want to support the growth and economic viability of the industry in this county and so we really support like the Humboldt County sun-grown cannabis. It’s in all of our products. It’s the only thing that we use because it’s really important to us. It was a long answer too but…

Jeffrey Boedges: You have 47 cocktail recipes on your website.


Jeffrey Boedges: It’s the kids she’s worried about.

Jeffrey Boedges: It’s from maturity, yeah.

Gillian Levy: Well, the thing that’s funny about CBD is that GW Pharma patented the drug. What do they have? They have a couple of them. There’s Sativex and then there’s Epidiolex and they actually patented, I believe, CBD specifically for that. And so, because of that, it’s a federally recognized drug substance. There’s a lot of like legal gray area around putting CBD into food products. And I don’t know if you would call alcohol a food product or where that kind of falls out, it’s really got to be more of like, you know, you can market nutritional supplements that have CBD in them, but you’re not even really supposed to say CBD. If you’re a big company, you can take some heat for that. So, because of that, I have to be super careful about the way that I put products out. Like in California, the only way that you can even have alcohol in a product is if it’s in a container that’s less than two ounces and it’s got a calibrated dropper. And the state feels like if you use those, you know, if it kind of adheres to that, then it’s clearly and distinctly like a medicinal product. But it’s no, you know, you can’t just put an alcoholic product out that has THC or CBD in it. So, I really steer clear. The reason that we focus so heavily on what we call mocktails but that being said, I mean, in my experience, like some cannabis-infused bitters goes really great into some whiskey. We call it like we make like the Elevated Manhattan and it’s beautiful. But, yeah, that’s more for like home use. We try to impart a sense of excitement around the ways that you can use tinctures because many people still don’t. It’s not a very relatable form of consuming cannabis to a lot of people. And so, for those that are coming into the market and looking for new products to try, drinks are something that we all get excited about, right? It’s kind of like a universal experience and so we’re looking for ways to incorporate our cannabis products into this ritual that is like a very communal and everybody is relatable. So, yeah, just a more fun way to take the products.