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how to use cbd terpene tincture

Finally, it’s virtually impossible to overdose on CBD, tincture or otherwise. Studies found that CBD had no adverse side effects at amounts up to 1200 milligrams daily, even when taken for several months.

When taking CBD tincture, keep these things in mind to maximize the effects of your cannabis.

The FDA has yet to produce an official serving size for CBD so dosing and consumption method is up to individual preference and need. Tincture is one popular consumption method among those who want a more precise dosing mechanism. Read on to learn more about CBD tinctures, how they work, and how to use them.

Why use a CBD tincture?

There are known drug interactions with CBD. For example, CBD and grapefruit inhibit the same enzymes (CYP450). They both have the same effect on boosting blood levels of other medications.

Anyone is taking a medication with a “grapefruit warning label” it’s important to discuss CBD use with your doctor as CBD could alter how other medications are metabolized.

There are many benefits to using CBD tinctures. First, they are easy to dose, as you can easily figure out and adjust the amount you take to deliver the desired results.

For example, a 30-milliliter bottle of CBD that contains 300 milligrams of CBD has 10 milligrams of CBD in a one-milliliter dropper, the standard size for most bottle droppers. Knowing that, you can choose to use half a dropper (five milligrams) or whatever amount you desire and adjust your dose with each use as needed.

But what if you don’t want wait a month to try a high-quality CBD tincture?

It’s 2017, and there’s a new solvent you can, and should, use—glycerin, a common food ingredient that’s 100% safe to consume (unless you’re vaporizing it in high temperature, that’s a whole other topic of debate). You can buy it on Amazon or at Wal-Mart and won’t need more than an 8 ounce bottle.

We’ll use cold maceration (extraction) since it preserves the terpenes and the integrity of the flower. Plus, glycerin’s sweet flavor makes it the perfect additive for baked goods and other sweets; it even tastes like a kiddie treat when ingested!


In addition to your favorite food, CBD drops can be used in any condiment, cocktail or candy you can dream up. Mix with your salad dressing for extra zest, dissolve a dash in a Hot Toddy to get through a cold winter’s night, or drizzle a few drops on ice cream to make your day at the beach more enjoyable. The combinations are practically endless.

The company’s 420 EMU Essentials line offers a unique tincture called Mystic Mango Medicated Elixir that infuses light, fruity taste with a mammoth 280 milligrams of CBD (2:1 CBD:THC) in an all-natural, grade A emu oil to sooth any internal or external condition. Contains no sugar, fat or gluten.

Granted, much of what we know about CBD has yet to be confirmed by extensive medical research, since both THC and CBD remain Schedule I drugs according to federal law (you can thank our buddy Randolph Hearst for that).

Tinctures have many medical applications and more continue to be discovered. Doctors have found CBD can fight cancer by inhibiting cell and tumor growth, cuts inflammation by as much as 50%, and reduces organ damage from a heart attack by a whopping 66%. CBD can be used treat several other diseases and conditions like: