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how to preserve cbd gummies

One of the most important things to avoid when searching for your perfect CBD storage space is light. Direct sunlight (and heat) is extremely harmful to CBD and can cause the actual CBD content to degrade. Exposure to light can also encourage mold growth and premature decay. Optimally, try to find a dark place for your gummies to live and make sure they are being stored in an opaque vessel.

Just as you want to avoid excessive heat, huge fluctuations in temperature are no good for your CBD confections either. Optimally, CBD gummies need to rest in a space that is temperature stable which will allow them to maintain their physical state. Extreme shifts in temperature can lead to physical fluctuations which can alter the taste and texture of the candies. Gummies specifically need to be left in a cool spot, as in a warm locale their gelatin will start to break down.

Similar to light, oxygen has the ability to alter the chemical balance of CBD and can even trigger a process known as oxidative stress . Thus, it is of the utmost importance to make sure your gummies are sealed in an airtight and ideally non transparent container. Just like storing your last night’s dinner leftovers in a tupperware extends their eatability, keeping your gummies in a hermetically sealed container will lengthen their shelf life!

Temperature Stable

CBD gummies and moisture do not mix! Your CBD gummies will last a lot longer with no risk for mold or contamination if they are stored in a dry, humidity free environment. An ideal spot for gummies that is sufficiently dry and cool is your freezer or refrigerator.

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