How To Mix CBD Isolate With Mct Oil

How To Mix CBD Isolate With MCT Oil? So get ready to feel like alchemists concocting concoctions. Even so, the preparation will be basic and you will be able to handle it without difficulty. Here’s everything you need to know about how to use CBD isolate, the purest form of CBD containing zero additional cannabinoids or terpenes. What is CBD? CBD or Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid found in industrial hemp and cannabis with many benefits. Is it legal? YES. Our 99% pure CBD is as pure as it gets!!! It is derived from industrial hemp and contains ABSOLUTELY NO THC, making it 100% legal. How do you use it? Our CBD can be used in many ways but we have

How To Mix CBD Isolate With MCT Oil?

So get ready to feel like alchemists concocting concoctions. Even so, the preparation will be basic and you will be able to handle it without difficulty.

Use clean, hygienic tools to make it, just as you would in a hospital. We will need CBD isolate, which comes in the form of a powder and does not contain THC. We’ll also need the MCT oil mentioned earlier. For measuring the oil, an oral syringe will suffice. To mix the materials, you’ll need a tiny sterile vial or container with a lid. Finally, a small spoon or a standard funnel made of paper is required.

1) Decide on the concentration first. If you’re just getting started, 1000 mg of CBD per 30 ml of oil is a good starting point. A CBD oil concentration of 33 mg CBD per milliliter will result. As you gain experience, you will be able to alter the dosage to your liking.

2) Using a spoon, pour the CBD isolate into the bottle. Place a paper funnel on the mouth of the container and pour the CBD into it to make this process go faster.

3) Next, measure out 30 ml of MCT oil, or as much as you desire, with a syringe. Fill the CBD bottle halfway with the measured oil.

4) Now you must screw the cap on and apply some physical pressure. To dissolve the isolate in the oil, shake the bottle for a minute. Don’t worry, the CBD will not crystallize after it has been dissolved. To speed up the disintegration process, place the bottle in a glass of hot water. However, make sure the vial does not settle in water or it will leak.

Your CBD oil is now ready to use! You can now experience its flavor and benefits. For the best results, place it beneath your tongue and hold it there for a few minutes. It is also beneficial to include it in everyday meals, drinks, and smoothies. You can also use it to make CBD muffins by baking with it.

What is the best way to dissolve CBD isolate in MCT oil?

Because CBD isolate is oil-soluble by nature, you can totally dissolve the white powder in any oil! Warming the oil of your choice (MCT oil is my favorite) and stirring in the CBD isolate is all it takes. It normally takes approximately 10-15 minutes for it to completely dissolve. I usually blend two ounces of oil with one gram of isolate, yielding roughly 16.5 milligrams of CBD per milliliter. You can sweeten your tincture by adding flavorings like peppermint or vanilla. You now have an extra-strong tincture that you didn’t have to spend a fortune on.

What is the best way to combine CBD isolate with oil?

Once the oil is heated, pour in the entire gram of CBD isolate. 5. Continue stirring until the liquid is clear and not hazy. It should just take about 5 minutes. The following oils are commonly used as basis in CBD tinctures:

With what may I combine CBD isolate?

You may also apply CBD isolate to your skin or add it to your favorite topical for a boost by mixing it with a high-fat carrier oil. Olive oil and hemp seed oil, for example, are excellent transporters for CBD. In our CBD Drops, we like to use MCT oil, which is made up of medium-chain triglycerides.

When you apply CBD isolation to your skin, you can continue to utilize your favorite topical treatment while getting a boost from the isolate and having complete control over the CBD dosage. Experiment with making your own DIY topical, whether it’s a lotion, salve, or cream.

Insert it in capsules and ingest.

Measure out the CBD isolation and place it in capsules for an easy method to absorb CBD at the dosage you desire. This method works well for anyone on the road who needs a quick way to incorporate CBD into their daily routine as long as the capsules are kept dry, refrigerated, and sealed. Furthermore, purchasing CBD in quantity might make this one of the most cost-effective methods.

Infuse CBD isolate into the food or beverage of your choice.

When CBD isolate is combined, it has a natural hemp-like flavor that is imperceptible. If you’re going to infuse CBD isolate into food or drink, we recommend mixing it with oil first to improve bioavailability and raise the possibilities of it passing through the gastrointestinal tract and into the bloodstream.

  • Making a juice or a smoothie with it. Blend it in a blender or stir it in and shake it.
  • Adding it to sauces, soups, stir fries, dressings, and brownie batter, as well as dusting it on salads and other foods. Make careful you don’t overheat the isolate or it will lose its efficacy.
  • Make your own sweetener by combining CBD isolate with honey, syrup, or stevia and pour it over pancakes or French toast.

Add it to hemp flower and roll it.

Add CBD isolate to hemp flower and roll it if you want a high dose of CBD with an entourage effect. The isolate will not generate the entourage effect on its own due to its purity, but it will when coupled with hemp flower. Hemp flower includes a high concentration of CBD as well as other components like terpenes, fatty acids, flavanoids, and other cannabinoids.

Vape or dab it.

Vaping CBD isolate will not make you high, but it will allow you to swiftly enjoy the benefits of CBD. CBD isolation can be dabbed using a concentrate vaporizer or a dry herb vaporizer, or it can be blended with terpenes to make homemade CBD concentrates.

Buy CBD isolate by the gram or wholesale.

This odorless and nearly tasteless pure form of CBD is a safe, adaptable, and cost-effective method to manage your dosage and get more bang for your buck. We sell wholesale CBD isolate at industry-leading margins to businesses looking to buy bulk CBD isolate.

Is CBD in MCT oil soluble?

The Perfect Combination of MCT and CBD Oil Because CBD is a fat-soluble substance, it is most effective and well-absorbed when combined with saturated fats such as MCTs. MCT oil acts as a carrier for CBD to be absorbed as much as possible by the bloodstream.

Is it possible to combine CBD isolate and coconut oil?

Because CBD isolate has already been activated (decarboxylated), it does not require heating before use. Isolate is more versatile than other CBD extracts because of this. CBD Isolate can be taken orally, sublingually, inhaled, or combined with other substances.

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When making your own CBD-infused oils, make sure to measure the concentration of each serving precisely. Each milligram of CBD isolate represents around a milligram of active CBD because it is over 99 percent pure.


Water-soluble isolate is mixed into any meal or beverage by consumers. Isolate can also be consumed on its own. CBD crystalline can be metered up and placed in capsules or pills, allowing you to consume an exact quantity.

CBD may be used to flavor almost anything. Sauces, soups, stir-fries, and dressings can all benefit from it. This is accomplished by measuring out the desired amount and adding it to your culinary masterpiece. But be careful not to overheat it or it may lose its effectiveness.

If someone wants to include CBD isolate in their juices or smoothies, they can just add the desired amount and it will be a healthy alternative.


To take CBD Isolate sublingually, simply lay it under your tongue and wait at least 90 seconds for the isolate to dissolve, then wash it down and consume.

CBD is absorbed through the mucosal membranes and transported directly to the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system and liver to provide faster and more effective relief.

This works in the same way that a typical CBD tincture does. One of the best things about CBD isolate is that, unlike CBD oil, it has no taste or odor.


CBD isolation can be combined with terpenes to make homemade CBD concentrates for vaping or dabbing. It can also be fashioned into crystal slabs for use on a conventional oil rig.

You can vape your CBD using the powder. It has a vaporization point of roughly 180-200 degrees Celsius and comes in a variety of flavors.

One of the most straightforward methods to consume CBD is to mix it into an existing vape juice. You have complete control over how much to add and the total potency. This is an excellent choice for current e-cigarette users.


CBD isolation can be mixed in a variety of ways. Making CBD oil tincture with a carrier oil like coconut oil or MCT oil is one of them.

To make topicals, combine CBD isolate with skin oils and apply to the part of your skin that needs to be treated.

If you want to produce your own sweeteners, mixing CBD with local, organic honey or stirring it with stevia is a good way to go. It can also be mixed into the syrup and poured over pancakes, waffles, or other desserts.

CBD is useful not just to humans but also to pets. In fact, pet owners are increasingly turning to this product. It can be used in any treat recipe to improve the animal’s quality of life.

Is CBD isolate a liquid?

The boiling point of CBD is 160-180C (320-356F). CBD may evaporate at temperatures greater than this, so maintain the temperature of your isolate a few degrees below the top end of the spectrum when dissolving it.

How much CBD isolate is there per milliliter?

Fill an empty tincture bottle halfway with any carrier oil of your choice, then pour in the powder.

Fill the bottle halfway since adding the dropper will allow everything to pour out and produce an oily mess all over the place.

Give the tincture bottle a brisk shake before closing it. Allow the bottle to sit overnight before shaking it again. Rep until there is no more CBD isolate sediment at the bottom of the container.

You can also flavor it with a few drops of terpene extract or other essential oils. For a 1 oz bottle, don’t use more than 5 drops.

Use it In Cooking

CBD isolate powder can be used in cooking. There are a numerous methods for doing this, but the best is to first dissolve it in butter or similar cooking oil using the same procedure as for creating tinctures.

The CBD-infused cooking oil can then be used in baking or cooking as desired.

If you’re using butter, make sure to melt it first in a pot or microwave so the CBD isolate can dissolve entirely.

120 mL is a normal stick of butter. As a starting point, each stick should contain 2000 milligrams (2g) of CBD isolation.

Make Your Own Vape Oils

Making CBD-infused vape oils is similar to making CBD tinctures. You can purchase prepared vape oil or manufacture your own by combining vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol.

The standard recipe calls for equal proportions VG and PG, as well as 300 to 2000 milligrams of CBD isolate per 30 mL of oil.

Pick up some concentrated terpenes and add 46 drops per 30 mL of vape oil to increase taste.

Vape it Directly In a Mesh or Mod Vaporizer

Concentrates are vaporized using mesh vapes. They use CBD powders, shatters, pastes, and waxes in their work.

The overall concept is to open the top compartment, expose the stainless steel mesh, and pour in the desired dose of CBD isolate powder. To vaporize the entire amount in one puff, close it and press the power button.

Use caution when using CBD powder because these vapes will vaporize the entire amount in one click.

This method required some practice but provided the most powerful CBD impacts.

This procedure can also be used with various cannabis concentrations. It’s also a common way for those who use delta 8 THC distillates.

Is CBD isolate soluble in oil?

CBD isolate is the pure CBD molecule that has been purified to 99.9% purity. CBD isolate, in its purest form, resembles powder and has the appearance of correctly absorbing into liquids. Regular CBD isolate will dissolve in water but not evenly, and it is still oil-soluble in its pure form.

What can I do to make my CBD Oil more potent?

If you’re ready to create CBD oil for the first time at home, you’ll need to figure out which method to utilize. Food-safe alcohol or carrier oil are the two possibilities for amateurs.

Alcohol extraction entails soaking the hemp plant in alcohol until all of the beneficial chemicals have been extracted. Patience is also required because the extract becomes more potent over time. The stronger the product becomes the longer it sits. This is how tinctures of cannabis are prepared.

Because CBD is fat-soluble, the second method includes employing natural plant oils as carriers. Hemp seed, olive, and coconut oils can be used in this delicate approach.

A third extraction method is also available. This one, however, is only for professionals because it includes the use of compressed CO2. To be effective, this procedure necessitates a lot of room, extremely expensive equipment, and scientific understanding. It’s by far the greatest method for producing CBD oils, but because it can’t be done at home, we’ll stay with the first two.

How much CBD isolate should you consume per day?

  • Oils and tinctures (plant material extracts diluted in ethanol): A liquid that arrives in a dropper bottle.
  • Sprays: A liquid in a container with a nozzle for spraying into one’s mouth.
  • Vapes: CBD oil that has been heated without being ignited, resulting in a vapor that may be inhaled.
  • Drinks: Any beverage containing CBD, typically in the form of hemp extract.
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Because prices vary based on the potency of components and production procedures, your CBD product of choice will mostly depend on your personal tastes as well as your budget. Bioavailabilityor how much of what you eat is really absorbed into your bloodstream to have an effectvaries depending on the medium. For example, if you drink 1 milliliter of liquid containing 10 milligrams of CBD, your body will absorb roughly 60% of it, or about 6 milligrams.

According to Jordan Tishler, M.D., a Massachusetts physician specializing in cannabis treatment, cannabinoids have a low bioavailability compared to other medicines. “Products containing emulsifiers like egg yolk (brownies) or lecithin (certain gummies),” he continues, “do better.”

However, because CBD must travel to your digestive system to be broken down and absorbed, consuming CBD via candies or other edibles may take longer to take effect.

Can You Take Too Much CBD?

You can consume more CBD than your body can manage, just like any other chemical. Studies show that doses as high as 1,500 mg per day are well tolerated, although everyone is different.

How To Use CBD Isolate Powder: Step-By-Step Guide

Here’s everything you need to know about how to use CBD isolate, the purest form of CBD containing zero additional cannabinoids or terpenes.

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Cannabidiol, or CBD, comes in many forms and variations. CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD available. There are no terpenes, cannabinoids, or any other phytochemicals in these extracts.

CBD isolate is a white powder with no taste, no smell, and no psychoactive effects.

There are plenty of benefits to using this pure form of CBD, but using the raw powdered can seem a little daunting at first.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to use CBD isolate.

Table of Contents

What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD available today. At 99% purity, there’s little room to make this any more concentrated than it already is.

Cannabinoids interact with our endocannabinoid system to produce a range of effects, depending on the cannabinoid.

How To Use CBD Isolate

The best part about CBD isolate is its versatility. Because of its odorless, flavorless profile and powder form factor, you can add CBD isolate to just about anything.

Here are three ways to use CBD isolate powder:

1. Make Your Own CBD Tinctures

One of the best uses for CBD isolate powder is to make your own DIY CBD tinctures.

CBD dissolves well in fats but poorly in water. You can easily make your own CBD oils at home at whatever potency you want. You can also add terpene concentrates to add any flavor you want to the tincture.

First, weigh out your dose of CBD isolate. Most CBD oils contain increments of 300, 500, 1000, 1500, or 2000 mg of CBD per 10z (30 mL) bottle. Double each amount if you’re using larger, 2 oz (60 mL) bottles instead.

Here’s a chart to compare the potency of the oil based on the total amount of CBD you decide to add:

Potency (mg/mL) Potency (mg/drop)
300 mg CBD Isolate 10 mg/mL 0.3 mg/drop
500 mg CBD Isolate 17 mg/mL 0.6 mg/drop
1000 mg CBD Isolate 33 mg/mL 1.1 mg/drop
1500 mg CBD Isolate 50 mg/mL 1.7 mg/drop
2000 mg CBD Isolate 67 mg/mL 2.2 mg/drop

Next, pour the powder into an empty tincture bottle and fill it up to the neck with any carrier oil of your choice.

Don’t fill the bottle to the top because once you add the dropper, it’s going to cause everything to spill out and make an oily mess everywhere.

Some good carrier oil options are hemp seed oil, MCT oil, or sweet almond oil.

Seal up the tincture bottle and give it a good shake. Let the bottle sit overnight and shake it some more. Repeat the process until you see no more CBD isolate sediment sitting at the bottom.

You can also add a few drops of terpene extract or some essential oils to give it some flavor. Don’t exceed about 5 drops for a 1 oz bottle.

2. Use it In Cooking

You can use CBD isolate powder in cooking. There are a few ways to do this, but the best is to dissolve it into some butter or another cooking oil first using the same method outlined above for making tinctures.

You can then use this CBD-infused cooking oil to use in baking or cooking as you please.

If using butter, make sure to melt it in a pot or in the microwave first so the CBD isolate will be able to dissolve completely.

A standard stick of butter is about 120 mL. So a good starting point would be to add 2000 mg (2g) of CBD isolate per stick.

3. Make Your Own Vape Oils

Making CBD-infused vape oils follows the same process as making a tincture. You can either buy premade vape oil or make it yourself by mixing vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol together.

The usual formula is to use equal parts VG to PG and anywhere from 300 to 2000 mg of CBD isolate per 30 mL of oil.

To add flavor, pick up some concentrated terpenes and add about 4–6 drops per 30 mL of vape oil.

4. Vape it Directly In a Mesh or Mod Vaporizer

Mesh vapes are designed to vaporize concentrates. They work with CBD powders, shatters, pastes, and waxes.

Every vape is different, but the general idea is to open the top compartment, expose the stainless steel mesh, and pour on the desired dose of CBD isolate powder. Close it up and hit the power button to instantly vaporize the entire dose in one puff.

Be careful how much CBD powder you’re using because these vapes will evaporate the entire dose with one click.

Start with about 10 mg of CBD isolate and go up from there.

This method has a bit of a learning curve but delivered the strongest CBD hits possible.

You can also use other cannabinoid concentrates with this same method. It’s a popular method for people using delta 8 THC distillates as well.

What’s The Dose of CBD Isolate?

The dose of CBD is going to be different for everybody. The dose can change depending on your individual metabolism, sensitivity to CBD, and tolerance.

Start low and increase the dose once you’re familiar with how CBD feels for you.

CBD is non-psychoactive, but very high doses can have a psychoactive-like effect. It’s unlike the high from THC, but it may still be strong enough to affect your ability to drive or work.

A good starting dose for CBD is around 10 mg. Experienced users often take closer to 50 mg per dose once they’re familiar with how CBD makes them feel.

CBD Isolate vs. Full-Spectrum Extracts: What’s the Difference?

There are technically three different types of CBD extracts — isolates, full-spectrum extracts, and broad-spectrum extracts.

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Here are the pros and cons of CBD isolate vs. full-spectrum hemp extract or broad-spectrum CBD.

1. Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD products contain CBD as well as other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids extracted from the cannabis or hemp plant.

All hemp and cannabis plants contain more than one compound. During the extraction process for full-spectrum CBD products, those other compounds are extracted along with the CBD. Then, they end up in the product you buy.

Your full-spectrum CBD products might include trace amounts of CBG (cannabigerol), THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBN (cannabinol), or any other cannabinoid present in the original plant.

Note that all CBD products have less than 0.3% THC, so you’re unlikely to feel high or experience any psychoactive effects from a full-spectrum CBD product, even if it contains some THC.

  • More natural extract
  • Contains other beneficial ingredients
  • Tastes better than CBD isolate
  • More versatile in what benefits it offers
  • More expensive
  • Not everyone likes the hemp taste
  • Not legal in all states or countries

2. Broad-Spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD products contain other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, but include 0% THC.

Because of the entourage effect, which proposes that the presence of other cannabinoids and terpenes can make CBD more effective, broad-spectrum CBD is ideal for people who want to maximize their CBD experience without the risk of ingesting THC.

  • Offers most of the same benefits as full-spectrum
  • Guaranteed THC-free
  • Cheaper than full-spectrum
  • Legal in most parts of the world
  • Often mislabelled as full-spectrum
  • Lack of THC hinders its usefulness
  • It may contain synthetic terpenes

3. CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is cannabidiol, isolated from all other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. This powder form of CBD doesn’t have any flavor or smell and has no risk of producing a high.

Isolates are generally considered weaker than full-spectrum extracts, but the lower cost and high purity make it just as easy to simply take a higher dose to compensate.

  • Easy to administer very high doses
  • Easy to dose consistently
  • Cheap to buy
  • Readily available
  • Legal in most countries and states
  • Lacks the added benefits of other cannabis derivatives
  • Highly processed

Why Choose CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is a great option for many CBD users. The benefits of CBD range from its anti-inflammatory properties to its potential for reducing tumor size in cancer patients and so much more.

However, if you have a high sensitivity to THC, regular or upcoming drug tests, or you are anxious about the potential of getting high, CBD isolate is a great option.

Because CBD isolate contains no THC, there is no risk of testing positive for marijuana on a drug test after using CBD isolate.

Here are some of the top reasons to try CBD isolate as opposed to other CBD products.

1. CBD Isolate Is Flavorless

CBD isolate usually has no flavor or smell. If you like putting your CBD products in food or drinks, this is an excellent option for you. The powder will dissolve into warm liquids and can be distributed evenly throughout any mixture.

This lack of flavor is also ideal for children or people experiencing severe nausea. CBD works best for nausea when combined with some THC for the entourage effect, but the CBD compound itself can still help reduce queasiness.

2. CBD Isolate is Cheap

Depending on the concentration of CBD you take, CBD isolate can be cheaper than buying full- or broad-spectrum CBD. If you take high doses of CBD, CBD isolate is a cost-effective, low-maintenance option.

CBD isolate also comes in a low-profile powder form, so it’s easy to carry with you without any hassle. You won’t have to worry about gummies melting in your bag or bringing enough CBD with you.

3. CBD Isolate is Guaranteed THC-Free

The obvious benefit of CBD isolate is that there is no risk of ingesting THC.

If you are wary of THC as a new user or someone who is highly sensitive to the compound, you can be 100% sure that your CBD isolate doesn’t contain THC. (Keep in mind that this applies only for lab-tested products distributed by trustworthy companies.)

This also makes CBD isolate a good choice for children prescribed CBD by their pediatrician.

CBD isolate has been shown to reduce the frequency of seizures in kids with treatment-resistant epilepsy [1]. It can also be used to treat adolescent ADHD and anxiety with no risk of the child ingesting THC.

4. CBD Isolate Can Be Dosed Efficiently

Another benefit to CBD isolate is that it offers great control over the concentration of CBD in your product. CBD manufacturers offer isolates in a variety of concentrations so you can easily take the dosage you need.

If you take a 50 mg dose of CBD isolate from one brand, and 50 mg from another, they’re going to feel exactly the same.

This isn’t the case with full-spectrum extracts. When you take a 50 mg dose from one brand it could contain an entirely different ratio of cannabinoids than another, and therefore may have totally different effects.

If you’ve come to rely on a specific dose of CBD isolate, you can be sure that no matter who you order from, the effects are going to be virtually identical.

Key Takeaways: Using CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD, containing only the cannabidiol compound. No other cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids are present in CBD isolate.

CBD isolate comes in high and low concentrations, with the highest concentration available of any other CBD product. It’s flavorless and odorless, making it easy to add to recipes or use in capsules.

One drawback of CBD isolate is that it won’t produce the entourage effect unless combined with other cannabinoids. The benefits include all the benefits of CBD, as well as no risk of getting high, high concentrations, more versatility, and cost-effectiveness.

Make sure to always purchase your CBD isolate from a trusted, lab-tested manufacturer or distributor.

CBD Isolate in MCT Oil

YES. Our 99% pure CBD is as pure as it gets. It is derived from industrial hemp and contains ABSOLUTELY NO THC, making it 100% legal.

How do you use it?

Our CBD can be used in many ways but we have formulated a CBD tincture in MCT(fractionated coconut oil) that has proven to be a therapeutic support for our customers, unrivaled by any other product we’ve seen.

Dosing and Strengths

Our 99% pure CBD isolate comes in four strengths; 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 2500mg. This tincture is easy to administer from our liquid dropper bottle and has a half-life of between 24-48 hours. What this means is CBD can stay in your system for up to approximately ten days, with noticeable affects for relief from acute issues disappearing typically after 24-48 hours. So a dose daily, every other day, or as needed would be required for acute issues.

Which strength bottle you need will be determined by the severity of your issues. Our Certified Aromatherapists and trained AI therapy coaches can help create a customized dosing schedule to maximize the therapeutic benefits you receive while staying within your budget!