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Over the last couple of years, CBD has gained widespread popularity. Previously, we have explained that CBD will not show up in a regular urine drug test. In CBD typically remains in your body for two to five days, though this depends on certain factors. Learn all about how long CBD stays in your system here.

Will CBD Show Up In A Mouth Swab Test?

Over the last couple of years, CBD has gained widespread popularity. Previously, we have explained that CBD will not show up in a regular urine drug test. In this article, we will discuss whether or not it may show up in a mouth swab test.

CBD pharmacokinetics

When taken orally, the bioavailability of CBD reaches 15%, but if you inhale it, the bioavailability increases to 30%. To put it simply, only 15% to 30% of this substance manages to reach your system after you consume it.

Like many other cannabinoids, CBD is primarily metabolized by our liver. After metabolization, most of the metabolites are excreted in feces, while a much smaller amount is excreted in the urine. It has been estimated that the terminal half-life of CBD in regular users is around 18 to 32 hours after a single use.

How long does CBD stay in your saliva?

According to a study of National Institute on Drug Abuse, in rare cases, CBD can be detected in our saliva up to 22 hours after intake. This fact significantly correlates with the detection time of THC in oral fluids. The same study, however, has also revealed that the concentration of CBD decreases 10-fold between 30 minutes and 1 hour after intake, and for certain users, it ended up being undetectable in just 2 hours. On average, in most of the samples, CBD was detectable only during the first 6 hours.

It is important to understand that like THC the detection time of CBD varies significantly from one person to another. This usually depends on a variety of factors. For instance, the administration route is extremely essential for assessing how long CBD is retained in your saliva. To assess an accurate timeline, you’ll have to consider the following factors:

  • Dosage—the amount of CBD you take has a significant effect on detection time.
  • Metabolic rate—fast metabolism decreases detection time.
  • Weight—those with more body mass are likely to have a slow metabolic rate, which means detection time of CBD can be longer.
  • Age—older individuals usually have slower metabolism and therefore a longer detection time compared with younger CBD users.
  • Level of hydration—drinking a lot of water helps you flush traces of CBD from your system much faster.
  • Tolerance—a high tolerance to cannabinoids leads to a shorter CBD detection time.

Will CBD show up in a saliva test?

No. As CBD isn’t a psychoactive substance, it won’t be tested in any drug tests that are aimed to detect your marijuana usage. Since THC turns out to be the only cannabinoid that’s checked for, CBD alone cannot be detected in a regular mouth swab drug test. This means that you can use pure CBD without fearing that you will fail a drug test.

Do note, however, that the cannabis strains used to extract CBD usually have low THC content. While smoking these plants won’t make you fail a drug test, there can be a slight risk when you use concentrated CBD oil. Since concentrated oil also makes THC concentrated, using a large amount of it can theoretically trigger a positive THC test result.

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To avoid such situations, always purchase your CBD oil from known manufacturers that specify the level of THC content in the product. The lower the percentage, the less chance of it being detected.

Do CBD saliva tests exist?

Yes. There are methods for CBD-specific drug detection. For example, they may be conducted as part of scientific research, such as mentioned above. These tests, however, are very rare and almost useless for employers because CBD doesn’t have psychoactive properties and is widely used for medical reasons. Since checking for additional substances only increases the expense of drug testing, most companies prefer not spending extra money on them.

The only reason your employer might check for CBD is if his insurance provider considers it a problem in insurance claims. Although this is very unlikely, you should check your company’s drug testing policies to be sure.

How to ensure that you do not fail a drug test

As CBD might still have some minor traces of THC, it might cause you to fail a mouth swab test. To avoid such a result, you should try using a detox mouthwash.

As per many experts, this is the most reliable way to pass a saliva drug test because mouthwash is an effective detoxifying agent. Since drug tests can be randomly conducted at your workplace, it is recommended that you carry a small bottle of detox mouthwash with you.

Ultra Wash and Stinger are two of the most reliable products to prevent positive saliva drug test results. These solutions are particularly made to wipe out all traces of unwanted toxins from your oral fluids within minutes. These mouthwashes are widely available, simple to use, and don’t have any side effects.

Saliva drug tests are usually conducted to track recent use of marijuana. As oral fluids are self-cleaning in nature, detection is only possible if you’ve taken the substance in the last couple of days or even several hours before the test. For the same reason, mouthwashes are effective only within hours after use, so you have to manage your time carefully and follow instructions exactly to achieve the desired effect. When mixed with oral fluids, the fast-acting ingredients of a detox mouthwash quickly cleanse your mouth of all unwanted toxins, but they can’t make your salivary glands stop working or produce clean saliva. Over time, your mouthwash will be swallowed and dissolved, and your oral cavity will be filled with contaminated saliva again.

Detox mouthwash has been proven to be most effective for about 20 to 30 minutes after using it. After this time, it is less effective. Last but not least, it cannot be detected by adulteration tests, so you will not be suspected of cheating.


While mouth swab tests for cannabinoids aren’t as common as urine tests, it always pays to be cautious. So keep the Ultra Wash or Stinger mouthwash in your pocket and use it 20 minutes before your test to cleanse and completely detoxify your mouth.

How long does CBD stay in your system?

CBD (short for cannabidiol) has taken the wellness world by storm. Potentially offering benefits like reduced stress , improved sleep quality and better moods , the compound’s popularity keeps growing.

However, while many have started their CBD journey without a second thought, others are put off by fears around how long it will stay in their system, something that could pose issues when it comes to things like drug tests. After all, CBD comes from the hemp plant, which can naturally contain THC, the psychoactive compound that itself is detectable in your system for up to 30 days.

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That said, CBD products sold in the UK shouldn’t have THC in them, and CBD itself doesn’t show up on a drug test. CBD can stay in your system for two to five days, however, this is dependent on several factors that we’ll explore in this guide.

Which factors affect how long CBD stays in your system?

While two to five days is the typical range for how long CBD stays in your system, the durations can be impacted by the following aspects:

The dosage

Like with most substances, the higher the dosage of CBD you take, the longer it will stay in your system. Here at TRIP, we recommend taking 15 to 30mg a day at first, before increasing in increments of 5mg each week after the first seven days. For reference, one full dropper of our original CBD oil contains 20mg CBD, while there’s 66mg CBD in the strong version.

The frequency of consumption

How often you take CBD will also impact the time it stays in your system. The compound builds up in your body over time if taken regularly, meaning, the more you take CBD, the longer it will stay there. If you only use it from time-to-time, however, it’ll clear your system pretty quickly.

Your body

No two people are the same, and our different body types mean that CBD will impact people in different ways. Aspects like your body mass index, water content and metabolism are just a few of the things that will affect how long CBD stays in your system. For example, the faster your metabolism, the quicker it will pass through.

Your diet

The food you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat can all impact how long CBD stays in your system. Say you consume CBD on an empty stomach, it will get metabolised and eliminated quicker than if you had it in a full stomach, which would slow its digestion.

The method of use

There are numerous ways to take CBD, from oils and drinks , to vaping and edibles, and which method you choose will again affect how long CBD remains in your body. For example, when vaping CBD, it enters your lungs and takes effect quickly, meaning it won’t stay in your system too long. Whereas, if you ate a CBD edible, you’re relying on your digestive system to metabolise it, which can take some time.

How long does it take for CBD to work?

For CBD to work, it must be able to reach the relevant receptors in the body, which is typically achieved through absorption into the bloodstream. Most people take it via CBD oil, which can take between 15 and 60 minutes to absorb. Again, aspects like weight and genetics impact this and it can take up to an hour for CBD to start working overall.

That said, some methods are much quicker — for example, CBD can be absorbed into the bloodstream in just three minutes by vaping it.

For more information on how long CBD takes to work, check out our guide to the topic .

How long do the effects of CBD last?

Again, how long CBD’s effects last depends on aspects like the dosage, your body and the method of use. As a general rule of thumb though, you should feel the effects of CBD for between two to six hours.

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Does CBD show up in drug tests?

Even if you have lots of CBD in your system, it shouldn’t show up on a drug test . However, the issue with taking some CBD products is that they may contain THC, which will show up. Some products have traces of the psychoactive compound, so it’s important to be able to differentiate between the different types of CBD products so that you can avoid the risk of accidentally consuming THC. The three main types are:

  • Full spectrum CBD – These products include all of the naturally occurring compounds from the plant they’re extracted from, including THC.
  • Broad spectrum CBD – Broad spectrum CBD products are similar to full spectrum types, but go through a process to remove the THC. However, trace amounts may still be identifiable in a drug test.
  • CBD isolate – These products contain CBD only.

It’s a good idea to avoid full or broad spectrum CBD products and stick with CBD isolate products if you don’t want to risk testing positive for THC. Here at TRIP, we ensure the purity of our CBD products with third party lab testing, so there’s no possibility that you’ll fail a drug test after consuming them.

How long is CBD detectable in urine?

Research on how long CBD stays in a person’s urine is limited. However, one study from 2016 found that subjects tested positive for CBD metabolites within two hours of administration, but flushed it out of their bodies within 24 hours.

How long does CBD stay in your blood?

While not as common as urine tests, blood tests can be used to detect THC metabolites from CBD oil. However, THC and CBD are very quickly eliminated from the bloodstream, which is why urine tests are the preferred method of testing. Overall, THC and CBD are only detectable in your blood for up to five hours after you take them, though their metabolites can be present for up to a week.

How long does CBD stay in your saliva?

Analysing saliva to detect CBD is rare, meaning there isn’t any information out there on how long it stays in your body this way. However, if the CBD product you take contains enough THC for it to be detectable, the psychoactive compound can be found in saliva for up to 72 hours.


In order to ensure you don’t mistakenly consume THC when using CBD, it’s recommended to always buy CBD products from reputable, trusted brands. Be sure to check that the seller you choose is following the necessary regulations and has a COA (Certificate of Analysis) that confirms what they’re advertising is legitimate.

Here at TRIP, we create our CBD products in line with UK and EU legislation, with each and every one third-party lab tested to ensure they don’t contain THC. Check out all of our products here , and don’t hesitate to drop us a text @ +4478 6212 6624 if you have any questions for the TRIP team.

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