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hemp extract cream versus cbd cream

In December 2018, it became legal to grow hemp in the U.S. thanks to the federal Hemp Farming Act that was included in the 2018 Farm Bill.

So, when considering CBD cream vs. hemp cream, keep in mind if you are looking for the specific benefits from one cream as opposed to the other.

Hemp CBD vs. Marijuana CBD

While hemp seed oil is made from the hemp seed of the cannabis Sativa plant species, these seeds do not contain CBD.

Hemp, often referred to as “industrial” hemprefers to commercial purposes thanks to the many derived products that make use of its components.

and even animal feed.

The quick and simple answer is that hemp creams made from hemp seeds generally contain zero CBD. Even large retailers like are known for promoting products made with hemp seed oil, which is simply labeled “hemp oil” to confuse people with hemp oil products containing CBD. That means your best bet is to do your research on brands and really read the ingredients. True CBD cream will mention terms like CBD Oil, CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, etc on the ingredients list, rather than Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Seed, and other similar terms alluding to the fact that it’s made from CBD inert seeds, rather than the CBD, terpene, and flavonoid rich areola (flower) part of the hemp plant. With many retailers and brands intentionally misusing the phrase Hemp Oil to mean Hemp Seed Oil, it’s a good idea to clarify with the retailer, or find one that mentions some of the above terms or is clearly a trusted CBD company like Design Wellness or others.

Evidence from studies and research suggests that CBD creams may reduce inflammation and joint pain. The Arthritis Foundation has even released CBD guidelines helping the 54 million people in the US that deal with the pain of arthritis daily.

The Truth About Hemp Creams

Today, CBD cream and hemp oil cream are sold almost everywhere, which can hinder a consumer’s ability to find trusted, reliable, evidence-based information on the differences between topicals and creams derived from hemp.

Design Wellness always recommends consumers research products, ingredients, and companies before making purchases. First, use products on small patches of skin to test for any allergenic reactions and keep track of the products that work for you. We offer the best in CBD topical creams and balms, as well as tinctures, gummies, and more!