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green mountain cbd capsules review

Green Mountain CBD Ltd.

For anxiety in a person suffering from glaucoma, absolutely no more than 40 mg or 2 droppers per day. Higher doses can worsen symptoms.

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Review Rating: B. “after-dinner treat…”

Also, this is a very young company. They started only in 2016, how many growing seasons is that? Alejandro Bergad is the CEO and Jacob Goldstein the president. Alejandro has a year’s experience as Chief Agricultural Officer at a large hemp farm and the site calls him a farmer. Jacob Goldstein had a painting business. It’s not clear that these two are farmers or scientists and the site does not introduce us to the scientists and farmers behind these products. Also, it can take a few years to get the best possible crop, but to their credit, the labs do show a high level of CBD and terpenes. It’s just, consumers have the option of buying from more established providers. On the other hand, Green Mountain appears to provide its verified levels of CBD at a lower price than some other companies. But, $30, that’s still a chunk of change for a product from a new company. How much would it cost to get the same thing from Elixinol, a well-established, international hemp company? Overall, if you find the prices cheaper, try it and let us know how it goes. Avoid the salve, it does not list the CBD content.

Grade: B

The pure CBD extract can be taken orally. The Green Mountain Chocolate Mint CBD oil can be eaten or added to food. The salve can also be eaten and used as butter.

The number one advantage of Green Mountain CBD’s product line is its simplicity. There aren’t many options to choose from, so it’s easy to make a great choice from the start. Green Mountain CBD oil has a guaranteed level of CBD, verified by both in-house and third-party testing. Each 60ml bottle of Chocolate Mint CBD oil contains 600mg CBD or 10mg of CBD per ml. Because of differences indigestion, the high-quality coconut-sourced MCT oil (medium-chain-triglycerides) allows a quicker absorption than lower quality monounsaturated and polyunsaturated lipids like olive oil or soy oil. There aren’t many options for flavor choice. In fact, the only flavor offered: Chocolate Mint, however, both CBD capsules and edible salve provide an option for those who aren’t really looking for a novel flavor and want a straightforward source of CBD.

Great CBD is simple. We keep it that way.

Most companies use ethanol or CO2 to separate CBD from hemp. Then they mix CBD extract into oil.

Whole-Plant Infused

We naturally infuse hemp into coconut oil—rather than using CO2 or ethanol.

We infuse hemp directly into coconut oil, using just heat and pressure. It’s why our products have an earthier color, smell and taste.

We organically farm 100% of our hemp, and we make our CBD oil on-site.