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full spectrum cbd gummies reddit

I just picked up some full spectrum cbd oil from TNR 2000mg / 30 ml bottle with dropper. Good prices too

Hey sorry not familiar with TNR which one is that? And thanks for the input that sounds like exactly what I’m Looking for!

Taking a break from the pot for a bit but I use it to help anxiety. Having a tough time as I’ve been a long time smoker I found CBD helps with that but I’m looking for a high quality product, price isn’t really an issue because it’ll be less than I usually spend on the Mary Jane regardless. Any CBD connoisseurs out there that can recommend some high quality oil/gummies for anxiety relief. Much appreciated!

I am absolutely in love with Yooforic cbd oil. My anxiety has majorly gone down and improved my mood overall. The taste is earthy, but not bad by any means. I was worried about it making me sleepy, which it doesn’t do at all. It does, however help me sleep much better at night. I would describe the way it makes me feel as calm more than anything else. I recommend this to everybody I know who struggles with anxiety and other issues and will continue to use this for the foreseeable future.

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