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floyd’s of leadville cbd cream

Avid marathoner and runner Erin Laplander credits the completion of her first Leadville Trail 100 Run to her CBD regime stating, “Floyd’s CBD products did wonders. I took a 25mg Gem every two to three hours during the race and I really think they helped immensely. I also rubbed on the Sports Cream both times I passed Twin Lakes.”

CBD has recently been embraced in the athletic community across disciplines and levels of competition as athletes look for a legal performance edge. Professional runner and Olympic hopeful Noah Droddy is an avid user of Floyd’s CBD products and incorporates them into his training and recovery routine. After setting a personal best of 2:11:42 at last year’s Chicago Marathon, Droddy suffered from a knee injury that forced him to spend months recovering.

Floyd’s mission has always been to deliver the highest quality CBD at an affordable price. By overseeing farming, extraction and product manufacturing, Floyd is able to control every aspect of the process, ensuring the highest standards and maximizing efficiency.

A Recovery and Workout Solution

“I work with natural substances to build fertility in the soil and enhance microlife,” he explains. “Good microbial life means good nutrient cycling and a strong probiotic community which inherently deters disease and pests.”

Founded in 2016, Floyd’s of Leadville offers fully integrated seed-to-shelf CBD products, pacing their way through the pack to become an industry leader. While headquartered in the eponymous Colorado mountain town of Leadville, FOL’s hemp operation has brought new life to the Amish farming community outside of Lancaster, PA, the hometown of Floyd’s of Leadville’s founder — retired professional cyclist Floyd Landis.

The result? Pure, solvent-free, premium CBD hemp oil.

And legality is also a bit of a gray area. Since Floyd’s CBD is derived from hemp, it appears to be legal in all 50 states. But some states have specific regulations regarding CBD’s legality. It’s best to check your local laws before purchasing. Floyd’s of Leadville ships its products within the United States only.

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There is no high. You don’t feel like you smoked a joint or ate an edible or anything like that. So if you’re worried about getting stoned, forget it. You’ll be alert and functioning normally when you take these capsules. The first couple of times I took the capsules I felt a sort of vagueness in my fingertips — a bit of a swimmy feeling — that disappeared almost immediately. Other than that, I felt as normal as though I’d popped a vitamin. There was no high to speak of.

My achin’ back, part I

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I was riding a bike that was slightly too big for me (a hazard of my job) and while I didn’t notice any pain while riding, something in my lower back went pop when I dismounted in my driveway.

I’ve felt this pop before. It’s usually followed by a few days to a week of sciatic pain that runs down my left leg. Cue the stretching, Tylenol, and limping around like an old man. I was prepared for this old routine.