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fairwinds high potency cbd tincture

And the Sriracha THC Tincture has a secret ingredient that helps it deliver its intoxicating punch: “Capsaicin (the component of peppers that provide heat/spice) dilates the blood vessels, thereby allowing the THC in each serving to enter the bloodstream more quickly,” the Fairwinds website states.

“It will bring you a quick high and you don’t get any exhale,” Alden said. “As far as discreteness goes, it can’t be beaten.”

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Fairwinds continues to innovate and grow, Alden said, and plans are in the works for potential expansion into Oregon and Michigan.

Then last fall, I used Fairwinds Deep Sleep after a friend recommended it. I was skeptical – until I was sawing logs about 30 minutes later.

For example, the Fairwinds Deep Sleep Tincture contains herbal extracts that assist in producing drowsiness.

Tinctures aren’t the only thing Fairwinds does. The company also produces topicals – its Flow gels and creams are among their best-sellers – capsules, coffee, vape cartridges, and now Fairwinds has a potential game-changer on the cannabis market.

Per Package: 20mg THC / 90mg CBD / 90mg THCA

[15 servings per bottle]


– Terpenes:

The Fairwinds Release Tincture is an ultra fast-acting, effective, and discreet tool: a complex blend of cannabis oil, unique cannabis terpenes, and powerful herbal extracts, all optimized to put anxiety and stress in their place. Addressing an issue at the core of managing life’s challenges, the Release Tincture provides quick and long-lasting support to lend a helping hand when you need it most.

– The full effects can be expected within 10-30 minutes after the initial serving is administered.