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everyday optimal cbd tincture

A small British brand that’s relatively new to the scene, Bud & Tender use both CO2 and ethanol for extraction and filtration.

But where to start? There are so many different strains and strengths of CBD on the market, and the UK seems to be in a constant state of confusion over the legality of these products. Even the CBD producers themselves describe it as “a semi-cowboy market” that “somewhat resembles the Wild West.”

CBD oil has gained a huge following in the past two years, and as with any popular new product to reach the masses it’s important to read the fine print and do your research before buying.


The Original Alternative also grow their own hemp across Europe and use CO2 extraction with low pressure and heat—it also worked wonderfully.

Hempura is a small and affordable CBD producer using supercritical CO2 extraction to refine their products, ensuring purity and safety.

This is not to be confused with hemp oil used in food and beauty, which is made from the seeds of the same plant.

While we didn’t notice any immediate physical effects from the oil, we weren’t looking for any in particular. Our tester wants to emphasise that she’s in good health so not looking for specific pain relief or anti-inflammatory benefits. That being said, it worked wonders on her mood. After a stressful week, only a few days into using the drops thrice daily, she felt much happier, more positive and was much more easy going.

Drum roll for…

Gum for on the go

It’s always important to store your hemp and CBD products in a place for your adult-use only. But you can rest assured knowing that they are THC free.

Everyday Optimal CBD Founders Alex Gould and Frederick Drejfald started the company in 2016. Together, the pair went to Colorado to find hemp farmers that grow organic, non-GMO hemp that is grown using sustainable methods. Everyday Optimal CBD states that their hemp is grown in North America. The cleaner the hemp is, the better the product. Hemp is a soil remediator, which means it will pull up toxins from the soil and actually clean the soil it is grown in. Often, hemp is used as a rotator crop which means that it is planted in between harvests of other crops to clean the soil in the interim. Hemp can be dirty if sourced from unknown places abroad so it’s a good sign that Everyday Optimal uses North American, organic hemp.

What about vaping?

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Gluten Free Gummies

From that day on, their goal of moving forward and becoming a part of the CBD industry was simple.

We knew that if we made the best products, the sales would come.

A Bit About Every Day Optimal

That there are a lot of legitimate CBD companies out there, and in order to keep up with this competition that their products have to be the best they can be.

Something else Every Day Optimal understands?

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