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emblem cbd capsules

Precise, consistent and convenient, Emblem oil capsules are odourless, flavour-neutral and cultivar-specific oils offered in a discreet, vegan capsule format.

The precision-dosed capsules help patients better manage their symptoms and allow easy tracking and customization of medication use. This gives healthcare professionals another mode of administration that resembles traditional medications.

Emblem extracts are cultivar-specific to ensure consistency, so patients can expect the same effect each time they order a product.

“Patients want access to medical cannabis in formats that are discreet and easy-to-use, with established dosing,” added Wayne Kreppner, President of Medical, Emblem Corp. “The precision found in Emblem’s Oil Capsules addresses this and allows patients to easily track their medication and adjust as needed, while giving healthcare professionals another mode of administration that resembles traditional medications.”

Patient-focused treatment options are key drivers of Emblem’s innovation pipeline. As a patient-first provider, we’re continuing to develop products that meet our patients’ needs now and into the future.

Nick Dean, CEO, Emblem Corp.

About Emblem

Emblem has formally appointed two new officers of the Company – Maria Guest, Chief Marketing Officer, and Karyn Sullivan, General Counsel & Secretary, both of whom joined Emblem earlier this year.

Emblem plans to introduce additional dosage strengths of its oil capsules in the coming months to further address the medical needs of new patients or those wishing to titrate their dosage.