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One of the most well-known brands in the CBD landscape, Charlotte’s Web has been growing sustainable hemp plants for years. The company is currently in the process of achieving USDA Organic Certification, but it already practices organic and sustainable cultivation techniques to enhance the overall health of the soil and the hemp plants themselves, which creates some of the highest quality CBD extracts.

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Start by looking for the following pieces of information when considering any CBD product:

If you take organic CBD for help with sleep, take the recommended amount about an hour before bed. If you are taking it for anxiety, you can take one dose in the morning and another in the evening to help promote a sense of calm throughout the day. As with all CBD products, we recommend that you start with a lower dose and gradually increase it to achieve the desired effects rather than starting with a high dose.

Hemp is a unique plant, not only for its rich cannabinoid content, but because it is a bioaccumulator, and has the ability to absorb a wide variety of components in the soil. This trait means that hemp can help the environment through the remediation of green spaces, but it poses great risks when it comes to the creation of CBD products derived from hemp.

“Every hemp plant grown at Pocono Organics has been in our hands from hand-seeding to hand-harvesting. We hang dry our plants to ensure they retain higher levels of cannabinoids & terpenes – which produce a higher quality product.” – Ashley Walsh, President & Founder, Pocono Organics

Quality is one of the most important factors when choosing CBD products. Pocono Organics is proud to grow the World’s First Regenerative Organic Certified Hemp! We mindfully blend leading-edge regenerative organic farming techniques to produce high-quality, USDA certified organic full-spectrum hemp extract, made from the World’s First Regenerative Organic Certified Hemp! Our full-spectrum hemp products offer a powerful combination of cannabinoids – naturally abundant with CBD – that can take your wellness routine to a new level!

“I’ve been recommending CBD to my patients for several years as it allows the body to better respond to stress and inflammation – I am finding the nano-techonology is very effective and the partnership between Pocono Organics & Rodale Institute ensures the highest quality.” – Dr. Peter Hunt, Chiropractor

We offer a variety of products to meet a wide-range of functional and wellness needs. Select products are formulated with Nano-Particle water-soluble technology, making them instantly bio-available. We hand harvest each hemp plant and hang them to dry naturally (instead of traditional machine drying.) This hand-crafted process preserves the quality of the plant as a whole, as well as the terpenes. The result: high quality products you can trust!

“I’ve been using Pocono Organics creams, both scented and unscented, on my clients in our spa and believe these to be top quality products that actually work.” – Yvette Bertsch, Spa Director at the historic Congress Hall Resort in Cape May, NJ

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