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don cbd gummies even work redit

You’re not gonna get me that easily Mr. DEA man.

I take a little after chemo and it helps to prevent nausea. Once the nausea kicks in, however, it’s too late for cbd and I have to take a pill. It does help me to get to sleep but I generally can’t get a full night of sleep after taking it, I wake up about four hours later unable to get back to sleep. If it’s four hours or nothing, I’ll take what I can get.

Holy shit, I didnt know about the 50% discount. Literally just bought my first bottle a week ago, just ordered more using the discount woo!

The cbd he will find in stores is fine and the exact same thing as 'hemp oil'. 350mg of cbd in a bottle is the same whether from hemp or regular bud.

I have 2 kids youngest a 1 month old. With the cbd prevent me from doing my fatherly duties?

Just read an article about it and all the amazing effects it has but I do my own research. Do these products really help? If weed was legal in Ohio I’d blaze it up to get better mentally. Are these gummies/oils a viable option?

Thanks for the heads up on the discount. Wish they offered vape cartridges but will be supporting this business.

She had almost constant seizures from the day she was born, up to about twenty or thirty a day I believe by the time she was given CBD. This was causing all sorts of cognitive and emotional delays and delays in her physical growth, not to mention the seizures themselves caused issues with her functionality.

This may be due to the fact that there's no industry standardization, and that the contents and effects of CBD products might vary wildly, but it seems that there is no guaranteed success rate from CBD products for treating physical pain or anxiety. I am not sure where expert opinion stands on this or whether any studies can confirm efficacy and potency, but I'm not swayed by the idea that it's an effective treatment for pain or anxiety.

I've seen a few friends and relations of mine take CBD products – oil, gummies, CBD-infused coffee/tea/energy drinks etc., for pain and anxiety – and I notice a disconnect in terms of the promised benefits and actual effects.

One very good example against your case here is one of the original ones. A young girl, four or five years old I think, was one of the first people to show clinical medical benefits from CBD.

Within moments of getting her first dose of CBD her seizures stopped. On regular CBD doses she went from having twenty or thirty a day to one or two a month (or something like that). The ones she did have were far more minor, and she started hitting intellectual and emotional milestones she had no hope of hitting before.

The ones who swear by it beforehand are usually the ones who swear as to its potency after taking it. People who are skeptical but try it at someone else's suggestion usually aren't swayed. I do wonder if there is some confirmation bias involved.

Feel free to change my view.