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diy cbd coffee creamer

While CBD is generally considered safe, if you’ve never tried it before, it’s highly recommended to start with a low dosage, working your way up until you find the correct amount for you. Even if you’ve tried CBD, if you’re starting to take it regularly to achieve a new desired effect (for example, pain management) then start with a low dosage so you can determine what will be right for you moving forward. Read more about discovering your correct dosage here.

If you’re new to the idea of mixing CBD and coffee, you should first know that it’s important to distinguish that, unlike THC, CBD will never get you “high.” Depending on the dosage, you may not even notice the effect on your body and brain, but behind the scenes, CBD will work its magic. While scientists are still running countless tests to improve our wealth of knowledge on cannabidiol, there has been evidence that it helps:

Now let’s get to the main event. We’ve got another great CBD coffee recipe for you, a CBD coffee creamer.

What Effect Does CBD and Coffee Have?

CBD coffee is a booming category, with millions of people choosing to start their morning in this delicious and benefit-rich way. And while some take it black, there are those that prefer the velvety flavor of a creamer. Luckily, that’s something you can boost with CBD too! Today, we show you how to make your own CBD-infused creamer that you can add to your coffee for an extra something-something in the morning.

Homemade CBD Coffee Creamer Recipe

Combining CBD oil and coffee also:

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If you’ve never made your own CBD oil, be sure to check out my beginners guide here.

But, it takes a little bit of work to make cannabis sugar.

Note: Oil Separation Will Occur

The most popular machines on the market today include LEVO Infusion Machines and Ardent Cannabis Infusion Machines.

You will likely notice the oil floating on the top of your coffee after the cup is left to sit for a few minutes.

If you’ve never put cannabutter in your coffee before, you may be thinking that it doesn’t sound too good, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.