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dissovle cbd isolate

Apricity Full Spectrum Water Soluble CBD Powder Live Video – Time-lapse of the product immediately infusing.

Heavy Metals: None Detected (ND)

Wholesale Water Soluble CBD Powder

Cannabinoid Profile: CBD Isolate

Residual Solvents: ND

Common Terpene Profile:

Love & Science combines ultrasonic frequencies and high-shear force, synergistically with our proprietary recipe to produce a highly stable water-soluble that is perfect for all beverage applications. Our process alters molecular polarity allowing for increased absorption efficiency of cannabinoids and therefore increased efficacy. We are able to provide high quality water-soluble CBD from full spectrum hemp flower or from CBD isolate depending on the customers desires. The bioavailability of our WSCBD is improved by up to 9x when compared to fat soluble CBD products and it’s effective immediately.

Faster uptake and absorption

Why work with WSCBD?

We will work with you to customize a highly stable and versatile water-soluble CBD product to suit the needs of your project.

The benefits can be felt in as little as 5-10 minutes.

Improved bioavailability