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different potencies of cbd capsules

What is bioavailability? In pharmacology, it’s any supplement’s ability to break down and absorb within the body. In the case of CBD, the bioavailability depends on the format in which it’s consumed. With CBD oils, because they’re placed under the tongue rather than consumed orally, the CBD goes directly to the bloodstream through the “sublingual gland.” Without getting too technical, this basically means that taking CBD in oil form will allow it to absorb more readily compared to ingesting CBD capsules.

An obvious benefit of CBD capsules vs. CBD oils is that they’re easier to transport, and they’ll never spill or leave oily stains on your surfaces or clothes. You can take CBD capsules anywhere without worrying about any accidents. You always have the option to take just a few with you rather than carrying around a whole bottle as well.

What is CBD Oil?

With so many different types to choose from, shopping for CBD products can be tricky. Let’s compare two of the most common forms and take a look at the difference between CBD oils and CBD Capsules.

With all of the available information on CBD oils vs. CBD capsules, the choice is really yours to make. After all, if one format was 100% better than the other, there would be no need to sell both!

They Have Higher Bioavailability

The combined total amount of high-quality Full Spectrum CBD oil is 1500mg. The price point combined with this level of product quality is the best on the market. Furthermore, Leaf Remedys has a great customer service team, and one of the highest customer satisfaction rating.

If potency is your main concern, these are the best CBD pills for you. Many brands offer capsules that contain a total of almost 200 mg. Meanwhile, Lazarus Naturals’ Cycling Frog capsules deliver 200 mg of CBD per serving. They also come in a lovely glass bottle sealed with a cork.

The OG of showing care through plant-based products, Charlotte’s Web started with a mission to help people heal and has never lost sight of this goal. New products, including the liquid CBD capsules, show the team’s willingness to provide what people need.

8. Joy Organics CBD Softgels with Melatonin

Evn is a newcomer to the CBD scene that focuses on quality and markets to athletes and professionals in the market for sustainably sourced, fast-acting, effective CBD. So far, Evn has delivered so thoroughly on these key points that we have to place it in our top 3.

Formula: Broad Spectrum CBD

Vegan Capsule: Yes.

Formula: Full Spectrum CBD