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dank gummies 350mg cbd

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Remember the days when “edibles” only meant “hash brownies?” You know, something one of your buddies cooked up and you had no idea how much THC was in each brownie? Thankfully, those days are behind us. Now we have precision dosing and lab-tested products.

Here’s a handy little chart courtesy of Leafly and Dr. Dustin Sulak from

6. Start Low, Go Slow

Source: and Leafly

In a scientific article on harm reduction published in the Journal of Addiction Research and Theory, the authors of the paper make the case that “being knowledgeable, thoughtful and well-prepared for using drugs, pretty well any drug, minimizes the risks and dangerousness of the experience, and maximizes positive aspects of the experience.”

There’s a trap many of fall into. We take a dose that makes us feel really good. Then we think, “Well if this much makes me feel ‘really good,’ if I take more, it will make me feel great!”

No big surprise here. The lower the dose you take, the less high you’ll get, while the higher the dose you take, the higher you’ll get. You’re probably thinking, “Thanks Captain Obvious!”

Dank Nugs Rice Krispie Flavored Candy Cluster Treats infused with purified cannabis oil. Dank Nugs edibles are crafted to resemble the flower buds but make sure you don’t try to smoke these. Each Dank Nugs container has 350 mg THC and contains 10 edible rice krispie candy clusters “nugs”.

When you first open Dank Nugs container you will experience an strong aroma of candy that smells out of this world delicious. Dank Nugs candies taste sweet, crunchy and full of flavor. This is a perfect product for both cannabis edible lovers, who appreciate a little twist, a little novelty and a conversation piece.