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Clean Labs is a Cannabis lab based in Prescott Valley, Az. We extract Cannabinoid Content, test if for potency, and use it to make products such as edible, vape pens, and topicals.

We are a patient oriented lab striving to produce a wide arrange of high quality products at different potencies starting at a microdose. Every process in Clean labs in done in house from extraction to medicated candy production. Our in house HPLC machine allow us to screen our oil and test for all major Cannabinoids as well as homogeneity and overall consistency in formulation.

We are a family owned business and strive to always product a pure, consistent, and accurate product. We are always adapting and evolving to stay up on technology and ensure that we maintain a high bench mark of quality throughout all of our products.

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Clean Concentrates specializes in manufacturing the cleanest concentrates. It all starts with using the best product and taking the time to prepare it properly to ensure pristine quality. Their commercial grade laboratory houses state-of-the-art extraction and purging equipment where they implement N-Butane, Carbon Dioxide, 100% Ethyl Alcohol, and water through closed-loop extractors using the finest medical grade co-solvents available. It is then transferred into a purging environment to remove impurities and co-solvents for clean incomparable quality.

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