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cibdol cbd softgel capsules reviews

The entire MiisterCBD team appreciates the transparency that the brand implements. The production methods, the certificates obtained from third party laboratories, and all the analysis carried out on their products are available for reading on the site. Their entire team is at your disposal by phone, e-mail or via chat, which you can contact in case you need any advice or help to choose the best products according to your needs.

Originally from the Netherlands, Cibdol is a company that realized the quality of Swiss organic farming and started making their own products with this type of CBD. The company is currently specialized in CBD hemp oils, however it also offers some cannabinol (CBN) and cannabigerol (CBG) products, which may be less known to the general public. Any CBD oil that you buy from Cibdol will have its characteristic texture and golden color, which attests to its high-quality.

Cibdol Reviews: Opinion on the specialist of 100% Swiss pure Oils

A section was even developed to sort the articles according to your age and the desired use of CBD. You should also know that if you are looking for similar products for your pets, Cibdol has a CBD shop in Europe dedicated to your furry friends called Cibapet (with oils and tablets).

Being a specialist in Cannabidiol CBD oil, the Cibdol store offers products that use this particular molecule. Capsules, creams, and balms based on cannabidiol oil are manufactured by Cibdol itself, but you will also find cosmetics and combinations of oils with CBN or CBG which will give you a different experience. All of these items are produced with two things in mind: the quality and smoothness of the oil created by Cibdol. The main difference between these products is their cannabinoid levels to match different uses. With CBD oils raging from 2.5% to 99% concentrates of CBD, you will definitely find what you are looking for. The brand also offers 99% pure CBD crystals. We really like the CBD softgels that Cibdol offers, which they make by using golden oil. The taste is rather neutral for this Cibdol product, however, the quality of the CBD is there. The Cibapet site is also available for articles intended for your pets, always made from the same CBD oil, ensuring that your furry friends have the best quality products at their disposal.

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Cibdol uses Swiss raw materials, selected and processed in order to manufacture the best possible oils. The liquid obtained has a texture of nectar and a golden color which makes their consumption not only easy, but also pleasant. Cibdol is very rigorous in the choice of and precision of the oils in order to guarantee that its customers have access to the ideal consistency and concentration of CBD. It is important to note that all certifications are available on the product pages, thus allowing you to check the informative descriptions before making any purchase. The entire Cibdol team has a main goal the satisfaction of its customers, reason why transparency, customer assistance and quality are the keywords that describe Cibdol as a brand.

Arrived promptly, clear tracking. Most important of all – it works!! I’ve been sleeping so much better.

Delivery was great DHL gone hope this can be sorted.

I received the product in good time but I must say I was disappointed that my invoice detailing what exactly I had ordered was on the outside of the box, and clearly visible. Some people might want to keep the fact they are purchasing CBD as confidential. Please can I suggest that invoices are placed inside the box, or at least fold them so that only the recipient’s name and address are visible. Thank you.

Great service

Fantastic, splendid, everything worked out even though I took my time to pay!
Can not be more satisfied!

Order arrived on time. Good quality CBD oil.

Great service very fast delivery and amazing products

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Great. took a while to get here tho