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Among other triggers, eczema can be caused by allergens. CBD has been shown to pronounce not only anti-inflammatory benefits, but anti-allergic ones as well. Zemadol’s uniquely efficient delivery method of CBD into the bloodstream is facilitated by sac-like vesicles known as liposomes. Commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, liposomes are also useful in properly administering active ingredients in topical creams and ointments.

New Aczedol cream by Cibdol combines the antibacterial potential of CBD with other herbal ingredients to cleanse skin affected by the acne. Acne Vulgaris is found in both adolescents and adults in the form of blemishes, such as pimples, nodes and cysts. Aczedol nurtures sensitive skin affected by acne, without the presence of harsh chemicals and unnatural additives.

In addition to the benefits posed by active ingredient CBD, Soridol supports normal cell growth with Vitamin A and helps to balance moisture content. Psoriasis contributes to a lack of proper cell communication and bogs down the skin’s defences. Soridol’s formula encourages proper transmission and healthy proliferation of keratinocytes, the outermost layers of skin affected by psoriasis.


Zemadol contains additional ingredients to address the inflammatory and allergic triggers of eczema, promoting immune health and proper cell proliferation. With ingredients like white curcumin and GLA essential fatty acids, Zemadol nourishes sensitive skin with moisturising and anti-inflammatory agents.

Aczedol is a salve for those looking to cleanse acne-affected skin and combat its symptoms including pain, inflammation and redness. Apply Aczedol between 2-3 times every day to the entire acne-affected area. When using this product, avoid making contact with the eyes and freshly injured and exposed skin.

Psoriasis is accentuated by inflamed, painful rashes that cause sufferers to experience a near-constant, itchy sensation. This autoimmune inflammatory disease is derived from a number of diverse triggers, including other autoimmune diseases, liver and kidney diseases and family genetics. Regardless of the cause, psoriasis patients endure extreme discomfort, emotional strain and low levels of Vitamin D.

Packed with the same gold-standard CBD as our CBD oils, CBD creams calm and soothe your body when it needs it the most. There is, however, a secret ingredient that makes our creams a cut above the rest. Using the protective qualities of liposomes, our creams penetrate deep into the skin, complementing the reassuring embrace provided by cannabidiol.

CBD is renowned for its anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and anticonvulsant properties. Its ability to combat inflammation is partly what makes it so effective at soothing the side effects of skin conditions such as acne.

Chances are, you’ve heard of CBD by now. This cannabinoid has gained massive traction within the worlds of medicine, health, and fitness. But this wasn’t the case only a few years ago. The non-psychoactive nature of CBD caused many recreational cannabis users to brush it aside, but it’s finally receiving the attention it deserves as medical cannabis becomes more widespread. CBD, along with other cannabinoids, exerts its physiological effects on the body primarily by interacting with the endocannabinoid system.


Aczedol is a class 1 medical device salve, specifically formulated to alleviate the itching and burning sensations associated with acne vulgaris. The main ingredient is colloidal oatmeal, which supports and protects irritated skin with a supportive layer. Colloidal oatmeal also acts as a mild cleanser for the skin, as oats contain saponins, chemicals that work like soap to rinse away grease and oil. It can also assist with reducing bacteria and decreasing redness and inflammation.

A 2010 paper discussing the use of CBD in the treatment of acne mentions that applying endocannabinoids to human cell lines boosts lipid production. Lipids, or fats, play a role in clogging up skin pores. The endocannabinoids caused an upregulation of lipid production when stimulating the CB2 receptor. However, when CBD was applied to cell lines, endocannabinoids were unable to produce lipid synthesis.

Acne has various triggers and risk factors such as hormonal changes, medications like birth control pills, and refined carbohydrates. Certain preventative measures can be taken to stave off acne, such as showering after exercise, eating a healthy diet, reducing stress, and washing the face twice per day.