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Tommy is pleased to present his robust line of cannabis products which include both THC and CBD selections. With an attention to detail and quality, Tommy is determined to bring you the very best products available on the market. Tommy Chong’s™ Cannabis is a selection of the finest cannabis available from select growers as determined by Tommy Chong and his quality control team. Tommy Chong’s™ was one of the first multi-territory “Celebrity” Cannabis brands, debuting in the medical California market, then expanding out to every medical and recreational state in the nation.

Products are available in every State where cannabis is legally permitted and a listing of these Dispensaries and outlets can be found under “Locations” on this website. Tommy Chong’s™ products are available only at properly licensed and compliant retailers along with other permitted outlets in the State where they are located and there are no exceptions to this rule. Additionally, Tommy Chong’s™ licensed products are available in several world markets.

Tommy Chong’s™ also applies to certain merchandise that is selected for its quality and how it complements the brand. We partner with innovative manufacturers who will develop unique high quality products whether made in the USA or offshore for the brand.

Tommy Chong’s CBD is best known for its two flagship products, including Good Vibes (a daytime CBD tincture) and Nice Dreams (a nighttime CBD formula). The company also sells CBD gummies and other products at various strengths.

Good Vibes is one of two nano CBD products released by Tommy Chong’s CBD. It’s one of the company’s most popular products. Priced at around $60 per bottle, Good Vibes Energy Tincture claims to give you all of the energy with none of the jitters or crash. It’s “just good vibes.” The formula uses full-spectrum nano CBD, allowing you to enjoy the entourage effects of cannabidiol. The formula also includes ingredients for energy, including caffeine, taurine, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and CBD hemp extract, among other ingredients. Good Vibes also contains a range of artificial and natural flavors along with stevia and sucralose for sweetness. Each bottle contains 100mg of CBD or around 3.33mg per serving.

Tommy Chong’s CBD Products

Tommy Chong’s CBD is a CBD brand offering softgels, tinctures, gummies, and other CBD products.

Faster Absorption: Because of the nano and liposomal technology, Tommy Chong’s CBD products could be faster for your body to absorb. By placing the CBD oil under your tongue, for example, you could rapidly enjoy the benefits of CBD sooner than you would with other CBD products.

You can request a complete refund on Tommy Chong’s CBD products within one full year of your purchase with no questions asked. If you’re unhappy with the results of the CBD products for any reason, then you can request a refund.