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cbd topical sprays for dogs

Our dog hot spot treatment spray may help reduce symptoms that may come from hot spots, dermal fungus, cuts, dry skin, and dermal abrasions. Our soothing treatment for dog’s dry, itchy skin contains pure CBD, aloe vera, chamomile, and tea tree oil to provide relief and reduce the urge to lick or scratch

Our topical solutions for pets are made with pure CBD extracts obtained from industrial hemp. In addition to CBD, the products in our collection of balms and sprays are formulated with the finest natural ingredients and essential oils specially selected to promote pet wellness in a safe and natural way.

This CBD balm for pets is the perfect way to heal and protect your dog’s snout, elbows, and paws. The skin in these areas is extremely susceptible to bacteria and can become easily infected if left untreated. Cannabidiol may help reduce redness, irritation, and other dermal conditions, while ingredients like beeswax and coconut oil help moisturize and protect. The combined effects of all our natural ingredients make our CBD balm the best dog dry nose treatment in the industry.

King Kalm Soothe

Each product is formulated with your pet in mind manufactured in our GMP Certified, ISO-90001 Certified FDA Facility. Additionally, each product like our dog dry nose cream has been tested by third-party laboratories to ensure they are completely safe and present no harmful side effects. Our award-winning CBD products are entirely legal nationwide, as they are derived from industrial hemp cultivated in the United States.

The company is known for its soft chews, pet treats, and CBD oils, among other products. You can give your pet a tasty treat while providing them with the benefits of CBD oil.

3 x CBD Cat Treats ($67.36): Bundle three bags of CBD Cat Treats together (150mg per bag) to save money.

What is HolistaPet?

Basal Ganglia: Governs motor skills and learning.

HolistaPet is headquartered in Commerce, California. The company publish its certificates of analysis (CoAs) from third-party labs, allowing you to verify the amount of CBD and the purity of the CBD in each product. You can view the certificates of analysis for all HolistaPet products here.

CBD Oil for Horses ($249.95): HolistaPet’s CBD oil for Horses contains 7,500mg of CBD per bottle. You can easily drop the formula directly into the horse’s mouth. Or, you can mix it with water and food. It’s formulated not just for horses but also for other livestock. Each serving contains hemp seed oil and CBD oil to promote overall wellness, boost the immune system, and promote a healthy skin and coat, among other effects.