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cbd tincture or vape reddit

i believe it is called tincture, where it is sublingual and it goes under your tongue.

Anyways, i have only vaped cbd so far. I have thought about getting a tincture though. What are the pro's cons of tincture vs vape? I'm thinking even though it takes longer to kick in, since it is a one-time thing to dose, it might be a bit more convenient? And then use vape for when i need that quick kick-in, or when i am relaxing at home. (for example, for work. I can't redose at work with a vape. I can however, run to the bathroom and do a quick tincture and be good.)

What is your experience using sublingual, and if you have used both forms, what was your experience? What did you like vs dislike?

Are there any differences in effect, how long it lasts, how quickly you feel it??

Thanks for the help guys. X

The effects are instantaneous and usually stronger if you vape it. A lot of people say it doesnt work nearly as long as oral or sublingual cbd so you are trading long lasting relief for instant and more powerful relief but short acting. If you are using it for anxiety, epilepsy, or anything else neurological, vaping is preferred because you can control it a lot more and it reaches the brain in seconds. If you are using it for pain or anything else both peripherally and centrally related then oral or sublingual is best because it circulates through the body before reaching the brain so it can work more evenly on the central and peripheral systems.