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Embrace CBD is a family owned and family focused company founded by a married couple with a passion for helping people. Who we are as individuals shape the way we do business. Here at Embrace CBD we have 5 core values that direct the way we operate. #1 Families First #2 People Over Profits #3 Education Before Sales #4 Quality Products Over Higher Profit Margins #5 Truth Over Hype We exist to cut through the nonsense in the CBD Industry. There are a ton of companies who take advantage of an unregulated market to push fraudulent, mislabeled, and potentially harmful products to make a buck. We are much more than just a CBD store. We understand that the hemp plant offers so much more than just CBD. We specialize in all hemp-derived cannabinoids including CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDA, Hemp Derived Delta-8 THC and so much more! We carry Oils & Tinctures, Edibles, Vape, Topicals, Smokeable Flower and a ton of other products! No Medical Card Required! We at Embrace CBD have partnered with the industry's top leaders in the fields of cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, merchandising, consulting, and testing to bring validity and confidence to the retail CBD space. Why Choose Us? In such an over-saturated market knowing where to buy CBD products is of the utmost importance. Lots of places sell CBD. BUT very few have quality control and education as their main focus. We at Embrace CBD Wellness Center have aligned ourselves with true experts in the industry to guarantee the validity of our products and as a result, we can also provide correct dosing recommendations and caution against using CBD with certain other medications that may have adverse reactions. The Embrace CBD Difference We will never change our core values and believe that if we continue to treat people well our business will continue to grow. We strive to treat our customers like family and do our best to truly meet their needs. We are dedicated to our community and love having the opportunity to serve our customers. We don’t take it for granted and consider it an honor to be Anne Arundel and Howard County’s most trusted source for CBD Products. At Embrace CBD Wellness Centers we are able to truly put the customer’s needs first! We aren’t here to ride the CBD wave. We are here to bring validity and confidence to the retail CBD space. Buy Safely and Confidently at Embrace CBD Wellness Centers Online or In-Store! # Key Words: Medical Cannabis, CBD Store, CBD Glen Burnie, CBD Ellicott City, CBD, CBD oil, CBD Vape, CBD Flower, CBD Bud, CBD Edibles, CBD Topicals, Cannabinoid Dispensary, Alternative Care, Holistic, Preventative Medicine, 420 Medicine, Maryland Medical Cannabis, Annapolis, Edgewater, Anne Arundel, Baltimore Cannabis, , Sativa, Hybrid, Indica, Local Nugs, Bud, Flower, Infused, Tablets, Capsules, Shatter, Wax, Sugar, Crystals, , Cartridges, Pre rolls, Tincture, Distillate, Topicals, Endocannabinoid Receptor System, CBDA, THCA, CBGA, CBCA, THC, CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, THCV, CBDV, Terpenes, Quality Service, Education, Glass, Vape, Dab.

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That, of course, leaves a lot of a weird middle ground. Doctors can’t be prosecuted for giving you a recommendation for marijuana to alleviate your multiple sclerosis, for example, but you can still get fired from your job if you come up positive in a drug test.

Maryland’s not exactly leading the charge in legalizing medical marijuana. The first time sanctioning cannabis was suggested in Maryland was 1979, but it took years for the cultural zeitgeist to get to a point where the state legislature was ready to join the 18 states (plus the District of Columbia) that have legalized medical marijuana since 2013. That same year, Maryland made cannabis available to teaching hospitals, though none participated. But public opinion backed yet more change: A spring 2014 Goucher College poll showed that 90 percent of Marylanders support the use of the drug for medical purposes, and more legislation passed with bipartisan support last summer.

“Medical cannabis got caught up in the epic war on drugs. Let’s remove the sick from the battlefield.”

But it’s not the panacea it might seem for patients like Moore’s boys: The implications of the new legislation are complicated and imperfect because of discrepancies in federal and state laws—and because of widespread misconceptions about the medical variety of marijuana.

Byron, a former administrator at the Department of Business and Economic Development, says anyone who is concerned that Maryland is suddenly going to look like Amsterdam on a holiday weekend doesn’t understand what medical cannabis is—and isn’t.

“I believe it saved their lives,” says Moore of her boys. “And because it did, I became very driven to make sure that others could be treated with cannabis, which will give us more options.”