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cbd tincture 1500mg

Hemp Extract CBD (+ other phytocannabinoids) / 50 mg/serving

Black Cumin Seed Oil / 25 mg/serving

ß-Caryophyllene (+ other Terpenes) / 2 mg/serving

HempFusion’s CBD Oil Tinctures include beneficial terpenes like hemp seed oil that complement CBD extract to offer calming benefits. Those terpenes are combined with nutritious fats found in sunflower oil with phospholipids and additional Omega 3,6 and 9 to help the body absorb the cannabinoids.

It’s finally here! HempFusion’s broad-spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures are the perfect alternative for those looking to support their everyday wellness. Filled with beneficial terpenes and nutritional fatty acids, we harness the power of our DNA-verified, heirloom hemp to give you an experience that will leave you wondering why you hadn’t tried it sooner.

Supportive of a calm mind and body: The combination of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and the other unique elements of this innovative formulation may offer support for a calm mind and body.

Omega 3, 6, 7, & 9 (Hemp Oil) / 87 mg/serving

use Full Spectrum CBD+THC Oil

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All five CBD products comply with the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (“2018 Farm Bill”) and contain less than 0.3% THC by dry weight basis. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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