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The wholesale CBD Capsules product development team at Global Cannabinoids pioneered the encapsulation of hemp derived cannabinoids in various softgel formulations and has continued to lead the industry in these products. Our high quality control standards and GMP / ISO certified manufacturing facilities are specially equipped to produce large bulk and wholesale quantities of CBD Softgels in varying fill sizes with great precision and unparalleled quality control. We are experts in bulk and wholesale cannabinoid formulations and conduct rigorous 3 rd party testing on large batches prior to filling to ensure that our finished hemp derived CBD and CBN softgel products are accurately dosed and formulated.

By combining botanical ingredients such as chamomile, valerian, ashwagandha, turmeric, and green tea, along with hemp derived cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, and THC (under .3%), our team of expert formulators can custom blend a winning softgel formula for your brand or company. One of the other unique competitive advantages of working with the Global Cannabinoids team is based on the data we generate from our lead forms that can identify trends within the industry. These trends can help us to know the best ingredients, potencies, flavors, and sizes to pursue in order to ensure that the products our customers are producing are aligned with the CBD products in the market that are experiencing the highest demand.

Wholesale and bulk CBD Softgels, white label CBD softgels, and private label CBD softgels are a high quality form of oral application of cannabinoids and provide a customer with an effective delivery method. All of our CBD and CBN softgels are available in vegan capsules as well as traditional kosher bovine gelatin. Standard carrier oils such as organic coconut MCT oil, organic hemp seed oil, and organic olive oil or grape seed oil is commonly used in a dilution of cannabinoids with synergistic terpenes as well as botanicals to produce some of the best quality Wholesale CBD capsul in the industry. In addition to softgels we can manufacture CBD pills, CBD capsules, and many other encapsulations.

Terpenes (tur-peens), are aromatic naturally occurring metabolites found in the essential oils of plants. Terpenes are what gives plants their unique aromatic diversity.

What to expect when purchasing cannabis? When purchasing cannabis in the retail store the consumer will notice cannabis is sectioned into three distinct groups, sativa.

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As the legalization of cannabis in Canada unfolds there has been an explosion in the cannabis products available.

Cannabis is now available to you; do you have all the information you need to confidently explore your options? Co-op Cannabis stores are created for you to feel safe and educated when considering consumption.

Learning about the newly legal cannabis industry can be hard – especially when we don’t entirely know what we’re consuming, how we should be going.

What accessories are available to assist in cannabis consumption?