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This was the initial spark of the idea. We knew athletes were already using our products but we wanted to create something designed to complement their activities.

My introduction to the industry was first on the regulatory side. I was working on a contract with the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) in the biochemistry laboratory. Colorado had just recently became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, and the 2018 Farm Bill had just made industrial hemp legal so we were overrun with cannabis. I had to quickly learn a lot about the challenges surrounding both sides of the industry, with a major focus on compliance testing. When I was in that position we were the regulatory body that was ensuring the products reaching consumers were safe.

Planetarie CBDa Muscle Rub was your brainchild, from invention through production. How did the idea develop?

“I wanted athletes to have access to an effective step before treating injuries with painkillers.”

The muscle rub provides a more direct approach to areas of discomfort. It allows athletes to concentrate CBDa where they need it most. It also contains menthol which acts as a topical analgesic which can help alleviate discomfort immediately.

While plenty of scientists, engineers, and developers create good products despite having no personal connection to them and no real use for them, the best products are created out of a person’s passion. So, when the Chemistry Manager for Planetarie CBDa had the idea to combine his passions for chemistry, combat sports and outdoor sports, the powers that be at Planetarie CBDa wisely encouraged him to run with it. The result, CBDa Muscle Rub, is always in my bag with my cycling gear and I reach for it frequently to soothe the aches and pains that come from being a 60-year-old athlete.

Mitchell Craven, who co-owns Alleviate Wellness with his wife, Erika, said the store just off of Church Street is the first boutique-style CBD and hemp shop in Stevens Point, and they hope to help reform cannabis’ image and promote the plant’s health benefits.

“That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work,” Gordon said. “It simply says we don’t have a lot of data to guide us on its use.”

What is CBD?

From body lotion to food to dog treats, CBD has become the featured ingredient in a slew of products as the compound continues to account for the highest percentage of hemp-related sales in the United States, according to the Hemp Business Journal. Hemp is used in producing fiber, clothes and other products as well.

STEVENS POINT – You might notice a fresh smattering of billboards, signs and storefronts dotting Stevens Point’s major roads touting CBD and hemp, sometimes with a cannabis-green color scheme.

Phillip Scott, president and founder of the Wisconsin Hemp Farmers and Manufacturers Association, said until the state can provide requirements and regulations for consumer protection, it’s up to retailers and consumers to do their due diligence when buying and selling CBD and hemp products.