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The flowers harvested from Sativa-dominant plants have a terpene profile which tends to have stimulating, uplifting effects, placing the user in a creative mental state of relaxation. These types of strains are ideal for daytime use and are generally (but not always!) less sedative than their Indica-dominant counterparts.

Indica-dominant cannabis plants have certain identifying physical traits that Sativa-dominant do not. Most users find these types of strains ideal for nighttime use, “a”s these strains are more calming than their Sativa-dominant counterparts.

Known as the “Entourage Effect,” CBD and other Cannabinoids have been shown to have an increased effectiveness when consumed together. This has made the full-plant extraction, or popularly called Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), has become a popular product choice for medical consumers.

We take great pride in producing cannabis products from our own plants grown in Reno, Nevada. Our refined processes and expert staff continue to make the highest quality products on the market.

Sativa-dominant cannabis plants have certain identifying physical traits that Indica-dominant do not. They tend to be taller, have thinner leaves and take more time to reach full maturity.

Many U.S. states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medical use. There’s evidence that it can treat pain, nausea, and other symptoms.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), an oil made from the flowers of the cannabis (marijuana) plant, gets attention online from people who claim it treats cancer. There’s no solid evidence for it. But some early research suggests that some chemicals in marijuana have future potential as a cancer treatment.

Can RSO Treat Cancer?

Unlike many other cannabis oils, Rick Simpson Oil is high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the main psychoactive chemical in marijuana. THC is the chemical in marijuana that provides the “high.”

RSO is an oil made by washing cannabis buds with a solvent, such as pure light naphtha, and then boiling off the solvent leaving behind the oil.

Other research on THC and other cannabis compounds shows that they may kill off cancer cells while sparing healthy cells.