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cbd pineapple and coconut gummies

Customers also inspire PLUS to create limited editions of its market-leading infused gummies. Most recently, popular demand drove the limited release of “Pink Lemonade Refresh” this spring and “Cranberry Shortbread Bliss” for the holiday season.

“Mango CBD Relief is a reimagining of what it means to deliver a high quality CBD experience. As one of the leading brands in California, the largest cannabis market in the world, PLUS is in a unique position to test products at scale,” said Jake Heimark, CEO of PLUS. “We leverage our brand position to work directly with customers who love our products and develop new products based on their feedback. With their help, we found that the inclusion of a small amount of THC and other balancing compounds in our CBD Relief product led to a consistently better consumer experience.”

New Mango Flavor Now Provides 90mg CBD and 10mg THC

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The Company will retire its previous “CBD Relief” product, “Pineapple Coconut CBD Relief,” as part of a coordinated launch campaign with retailers. According to BDS Analytics, Pineapple Coconut CBD Relief was the top selling CBD edible in the California market in Q4 2018 as measured by units and dollars sold.

PLUS regularly conducts customer research and takes the learnings back to its labs to enhance its products. Many PLUS customers indicate they feel greater therapeutic effects from using CBD when they pair it with a small amount of THC. The new CBD Relief formulation offers a deliberate, proprietary blend of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

Wana Quick Pineapple Coconut Indica fast-acting soft chews are a tropical treat infused with a relaxing indica-enhanced THC distillate. These quick onset and offset chews offer a delta 9 smoker’s experience without the smoke. Terpene-infused, vegan and gluten free.

Always START LOW and GO SLOW when it comes to consuming any form of cannabis. The effects of ingested cannabis products are slower-acting and longer-lasting than inhaling.

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