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cbd pain cream lor john

Measured Serving: Each pump dispenses 1ml of lotion containing 2mg of CBD

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To give CBD a try, I went for a form I was already comfortable using — body lotion. More specifically, Lord Jones CBD Body Lotion. Though I’ve since tried ingestible CBD oils for pain and mood disorders, topical CBD seemed less intimidating as a starting point. After all, lotions are in my daily routine already. What’s a little added CBD — especially if it can relieve some pain? Plus, a few Google searches convinced me the Lord Jones lotion was the lotion to try if you were curious about topical CBD for pain. If I was going to become a believer in the compound, this was undoubtedly the product to convince me.

CBD, or cannabidiol, has a bit of a bad reputation, thanks to the war on drugs, resulting stigma around marijuana use, and general miseducation about what CBD truly is. As Project CDB, a non-profit working to destigmatize cannabis, says CBD is a cannabis compound — a component of a marijuana plant — that can help combat inflammation, pain, anxiety, seizures, and other chronic conditions. CBD is non-psychoactive, which means it contains no THC — another cannabis compound.

In fact, I was pretty sure I was never going to experience any of the effects of marijuana ever. Then, in my 20s, my migraines started to get more frequent and more painful. I developed generalized anxiety, major depression, and PTSD. I started having suicidal thoughts. I started taking a lot of medication to help take on all of this. When it worked, it worked. But when it didn’t, I started looking for alternative solutions. And that’s where the idea of CBD came up.

The Claim

I have never been high. The opportunity to smoke weed has never presented itself, and I’ve never sought it out. In my teen years, my relationship to marijuana was defined by “Say No To Drugs” campaigns and sluggish stoner stereotypes. But that was well before CBD lotion, oil, and vape pens were ever even in modern conversation.

CBD, simply put, will not get you high. And, even in high dosages, CBD has been found to cause no danger to humans. But it has been proven to help with chronic pain and mood disorders. And though research is still needed to help decode much of CBD’s potential — and to help destigmatize cannabis — I wanted to try CBD. Now.

Lord Jones describes their High CBD Pain & Wellness Formula as a “soothing, rich, luxurious lotion.” The brand goes on to say natural ingredients create a cooling sensation upon contact, and provides “unparalleled absorption” of moisturizing and pain relieving ingredients.

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