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Market place for trade in the top levels of the supply chain | Only vetted European suppliers | Direct buyer-seller contact | Find out more! Wholesale. HempKing is a reliable producer of hemp-based products, as well as a trustworthy trading partner.

CBD Oil Wholesale Europe

Europe’s nr. 1 Hemp & Cannabis platform for bulk business and large scale projects

Plant Material
Strawberry Lemon Big Buds top Quality
Northern Light – indoor
Peppermint OG – indoor
Burbuka CBD Hash
Merlot Bio CBD flower 12-13% CBD
CBN E-liquid 10%
CBD E-liquid 10%
CBD buds 10%
CBD full spectrum oil
CBD broad spectrum oil
CBD Isolate +99%
CBG Isolate 99%
CBD kief/pollen
6% CBD | € 150,00 / kilogram
CBD isolate 99.5%
EU-GMP pharma (API) grade
10% CBD nano isolate water soluble (per 100 gr.)
Purpl PRO – Instant Cannabis Potency Measurement
Fluence LED lighting solutions
CBD Gummy Bears

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CBD Isolate +99%
CBD isolate 99.5%
EU-GMP pharma (API) grade
CBN isolate 98% bulk
CBD kief/pollen
6% CBD | € 150,00 / kilogram
CBG Isolate 99%
CBD crude oil 54%
THC free
Limoncello CBD flowers
CBD 3-4% | THC € 650,00 / kilogram
Salvatara Crowd
Crowd growing platform
Expogrow Irun 2022
September 9-10
Juicy Mountain Fruit CBD flowers
CBD 9-10% | THC 0.4%
Trolmaster Hydro-X
Environmental Control System
Trolmaster Aqua-X
Irrigation Control System
Trolmaster Carbon-X
CO2 Alarm System
ThinkGrow LED
CBG biomass 7-9%
The Tonic CBD flowers
CBD 4-6% | THC

Cultiva Vienna 2022
October 7-8-9
CBD Hemp Business Fair Barcelona | October 7-8-9
Expogrow Irun 2022
September 9-10
Cultiva Vienna 2022
October 7-8-9
CBD Hemp Business Fair Barcelona | October 7-8-9
Cannafest Prague 2022
November 4-5-6
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Welcome to Cantopia! Europe’s nr.1 hemp & cannabis market place for wholesale business. All suppliers on this platform are European and they are all vetted before being able to add their supply to this platform.

If you wish to contact us:

  • Kerkenbos 1309-A, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • +31 612563855 (Whatsapp)
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CBD Isolate +99%
CBG Isolate 99%
CBD kief/pollen
6% CBD | € 150,00 / kilogram

On this market place for bulk trade, you can get in direct contact with the suppliers of all the listed products and services. You can find their contact details on each of the product pages and company profile pages.


HempKing is a reliable producer of hemp-based products, as well as a trustworthy trading partner. We stand, above all, on ensuring the high quality and safety of our products.

We are polish producer with EU Organic certification for our products. Thanks to that we can offer you Bio certified CBD Oils and more.

What can you gain from working with us?

  • Supplying your store with high quality hemp products, with certificates, including the EU Organic certificate.
  • Offering your customers one of the most highly concentrated CBD products in cannabinoids, with a guaranteed concentration!
  • Attractive discounts and presents for larger orders.
  • Comprehensive service and help in choosing products.
  • We ensure full marketing support: leaflets, catalogues, roll-up banners for long-term customers.

Why you should cooperate with us?


All our products have the appropriate certificates. We also offer certified organic hemp products!

Product safety

We use the supercritical CO2 extraction method which is the most modern and delicate method of extracting CBD oil from hemp.

100% nature

Our products are free of pesticides and artificial fertilisers.

Fast Delivery

As we know how valuable your time is, we take care to process orders quickly. It’s our top priority!

Discounts are set individually!

Hempking! A partner in development!

What kind of co-operation can you count on?


Do you run a wholesale outlet, pharmacy or a health food shop offering hemp-based products or herbal supplements for sale? Would you like to broaden your range of hemp-based products? Then, let’s work together.

Private label

create your own label!

This is the perfect suggestion for companies wishing to make what they have to sell more attractive. It’s enough just to send us the graphic design which is to appear on the bottle and product packaging and we’ll deliver a product ready for sale to you.

White label

a tailor-made solution!

This is the perfect solution for those who want to build up the position of their own brand by offering a product of the highest quality. Clients have the option of choosing the packaging themselves in which our products will be packaged and which will not display HempKing’s logo.

Depending on the requirements of particular companies, we may supply products in a choice of amounts, namely 1 kg, 2 kg, 10 kg or 100 kg. We guaranteed complete flexibility and the highest-quality products. This is one of the most highly regarded models of co-operation.

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