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This roundup collects our picks for the best CBD wax and CBD dabs on the market, across a wide range of related products including live rosin and CBD crumble.

We’re looking only at hemp-derived CBD dabs in this roundup, meaning they are high in CBD and (legally) must remain below 0.3% THC. The various kinds of CBD wax in this article should be legal to purchase across the U.S. under federal law.

While the CBD marketplace has exploded in popularity over the last few years, CBD dabs remain a niche product. Unlike other categories like CBD oil or gummies, there are actually fewer quality CBD wax products on the market than there were when we first started working on this article. We’ve browsed through the top CBD brands, and looked at online feedback to collect the best CBD dabs you can buy in 2021.

We’re broadly going to discuss a wide variety of products here, which could generally be called “CBD concentrates.” These include CBD wax, CBD dabs, CBD live rosin and CBD crumble. The issues of discussion in this review are relatively similar regardless of which form they come in, though of course CBD consumers may develop preferences for a certain form.

First we’ll look at our favorite CBD wax products on the market, then we’ll talk about our favorite method of taking CBD dabs, and finally some introductory information to explain what CBD wax is all about.

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Wax describes a broad grouping of cannabis concentrates, but the most common type of marijuana wax is produced through butane or hydrocarbon extraction. These extracts are called BHO, which is short for “butane hash oil.” In this process, the butane or hydrocarbon solvent is pushed through contained cannabis plant material, stripping off essential compounds like THC and CBD. The resulting oil may then be further refined using a variety of techniques. If the extract is agitated during these processes, it tends to form an opaque material as opposed to glass-like “shatter” extracts.

What is wax?

Wax has many benefits to offer consumers, though these extracts might be too potent for new consumers or those sensitive to THC (although high-CBD/low-THC waxes do exist). Waxes are a refined, concentrated form of cannabis, allowing the consumer to enjoy marijuana’s therapeutic compounds without having to smoke plant material. For medical patients needing swift and potent relief of symptoms, cannabis waxes may be an option to consider.

Although it is possible to create cannabis wax using at-home DIY methods, it is extremely dangerous due to the flammability of butane fumes. Professional extract producers utilize large closed-loop systems, which prevent solvent fumes from escaping into the air.

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