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cbd oil tincture sublingual

CBD tinctures extract the cannabinoid from the plant, though different tinctures can be refined to include only certain aspects of the plant. These result in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate tincture varieties.

A tincture is a concentrated plant extract crafted by soaking the plant in a solvent such as alcohol or food-grade oils for several weeks.

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For first time users and more experienced consumers alike, the vast array of available CBD options can be confusing. Every day the US market is saturated with new CBD products, particularly since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill.

Finally, it’s virtually impossible to overdose on CBD, tincture or otherwise. Studies found that CBD had no adverse side effects at amounts up to 1200 milligrams daily, even when taken for several months.

Read the label to understand more about the CBD in your tincture. Full-spectrum means the CBD was extracted from the plant and includes cannabis-derived terpenes and trace amounts of THC and other cannabinoids. Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains the same array of cannabinoids and terpenes as full-spectrum but without any traces of THC. Finally, isolates are made by stripping away all cannabinoids and terpenes, leaving behind only a white crystalline powder that is pure CBD.

Customers who know how to properly use CBD products will be more likely to experience their benefits—and in turn, more likely to become a repeat customer. It’s in your best interest to teach them how to use these products and their best interest to learn how to use CBD oil!

Sublingual tinctures should always be used as directed. Many people confuse these products with CBD vape oils, which are formulated differently, so that they’re more easily atomized. Only take sublingual tinctures under the tongue.

Specifically, retailers need to understand sublingual tinctures and why they’re so effective when it comes to taking CBD.

Educating customers

Though CBD oil can also be mixed into food (like smoothies), it’s best to have as much as possible absorbed sublingually. This will ensure cannabinoids are absorbed quicker. Those who choose to ingest a sublingual tincture will have to wait longer to experience the benefits and may not get the full effects of CBD at their intended dosage.

Taking CBD sublingually

CBD oil in any form is a tincture—a concentrated liquid herbal extract. The ‘sublingual’ part of the equation is how it’s taken: Under the tongue. Sublingual tinctures are easy for anyone to use, since they don’t involve swallowing a pill or smoking anything. Many people prefer this method when they learn how to use CBD oil, since it’s so straightforward.

Dosing CBD