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cbd oil through customs

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You may need to consider getting a short-term prescription for a traditional prescription medication for pain or anxiety just to last you through your trip, then you can return to your healthier, natural CBD products as soon as you get home.

CBD is legal in the UK , providing it contains no more than 0.2% THC. These rules apply to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. As long as your CBD products clearly display their THC content on their labels, and you travel with new (unopened) products, you shouldn’t expect any problems traveling with your CBD via flight or ferry within the UK or using the Channel Tunnel, since France has the same 0.2% THC limit on CBD products as the UK.

CBD Laws in the US – Traveling into and within the US with CBD products

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Anything made from cannabis that has over 0.03% THC content is still illegal, and unless your particular CBD product expressly states its THC content clearly on the label, it will likely be seized and confiscated. Bottles of CBD oil which are already open are also likely to be seized because of the risk the contents could have been substituted for higher-THC products.

It is completely illegal to travel with CBD products into Egpyt. As of May 2019, a US citizen who arranged to bring a shipment of non-psychoactive CBD oils into Egypt had finally been released from jail on ‘house arrest’ while awaiting trial, but is still facing the death penalty for importing CBD.

If you are planning to travel to Germany, Finland, Denmark, Austria or Portugal, you can still plan to take your CBD products with you, but you must obtain a prescription from a licensed medical doctor for all your CBD products before departure. Make sure to keep the doctor’s prescription letter with you to show to border agents as you pass through customs.

Australia and New Zealand