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CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the main extracts found in hemp, not to be confused with marijuana. While hemp and marijuana are related, they are not the same, being that hemp must contain less than 0.3% of THC.

With the desire to find the full medicinal potential of Cannabis, the Stanley Brothers continue to search for the perfect balance between science and nature in order to promote healing. Their medical and recreational products are high-quality and balance the concentration of CBD to THC.

What is CBD?

Sleep – Chamomile Dark Chocolate. Photo: ReCreate Cannabis

Whether you’re looking for something to incorporate into your day-to-day, need something to assist with a medical-related issue, or are seeking a little stress relief, the Stanley Brothers have got you covered. Creating multiple products with a range of uses, this group of brothers is looking to be at the forefront of natural medicine.

Based out of Boulder, Colorado, their products continue to evolve and grow to meet people’s medical and wellness needs.

Co-founder and CEO of ReCreate, Jesse Stanley, sat down to talk about the next wave of cannabis consumers and how The Stanley Brothers’ new formulated products can sit comfortably next to your toothpaste in your bathroom cabinet.

The Stanley Brothers

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Jesse Stanley: We don’t see it as moving from CBD to THC. Prior to founding Charlotte’s Web, our work in the medical marijuana space opened our minds to the full-spectrum potential of the plant, and that has been a guiding directive as we’ve grown our understanding. We’re committed to harnessing all the beneficial compounds that cannabis has to offer, whether that’s in hemp or marijuana, which both contain CBD and THC in varying levels along with other meaningful compounds that function better together. For us, the alchemy of working with the nature and the science of cannabis is to create a balance of ingredients for truly purposeful wellness outcomes. ReCreate represents the connection of everything we’ve learned along the way, from our early days in medical marijuana to Charlotte’s Web. This evolution was born from an ongoing commitment to discovery and innovation, a journey that we feel is far from over. With ReCreate, we were really excited to reimagine THC as an everyday supplement for new and existing cannabis users. There’s a misconception that CBD is the only health cannabinoid and that THC comes from the devil’s lettuce, which diminishes its true potential to help with common wellness needs. We developed ReCreate products with CBD and low-dose THC, Ayurveda botanicals, and other functional ingredients that can sit comfortably next to your toothpaste in your bathroom cabinet.

Our focus is on helping people to support their health rather than getting high. Just like any substance, more isn’t necessarily better when it comes to THC. Personalizing your experience to find your sweet spot is a guiding directive of our consumer education perspective. Humans are already well accustomed to ongoing optimization. We constantly ask ourselves what mental or physical state we want to be in — if it’s focus, then we take caffeine; if we want a sense of calm, we might meditate; relaxation, maybe a glass of wine. ReCreate products are purposefully formulated to provide further choice to balance and optimize your mindset. They can be as much a part of a daily routine as a nightcap or a morning smoothie. It is self-care at its highest form.

The product credited with improving her life — created by cannabis pioneers The Stanley Brothers — would later be named in honor of the young girl: Charlotte’s Web.