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cbd oil smell

Full-spectrum CBD contains a lot of plant material with little else in the mix. For this reason, they usually have a very strong smell. This smell can be likened to that of weed or wheatgrass. When you open the bottle and leave it like so for some time, the smell will likely get even stronger.

At this point, you should already understand the importance of terpenes in your cannabis plant. In summary, they affect the smell of the plant strongly, depending on the specific strain of cannabis on your hands. However, apart from terpenes, several other factors determine the smell of your CBD.

One such factor is the ingredients found in a CBD product. When your CBD is of low-quality, having been mixed with various other impurities, it could come off with a weird, unnatural smell.

What does CBD smell like?

These aren’t quite as intricately created to preserve the plant material as full-spectrum CBD. On their own, they usually have much softer smells, if any at all. However, they’re usually combined with a base oil of sorts. If your CBD is combined with a base oil, then you’ll likely have a smell, depending on the oil itself. To help set things in perspective, there are three common types of base oil:

For this reason, it’s important to know the smell of CBD before going ahead to use it. Thankfully, in this article, we’ll be answering the question, “what does CBD smell like?”

1. Full Spectrum CBD

If the producers intentionally mixed it with unnecessary chemicals for CBD advertising and marketing, they could alter it and make it smell nicer and more like a perfume of some sort. If, on the other hand, they were simply careless with their production, the CBD could come off smelling unpleasant.

We designed our CBD to be clean and smell likewise:

CBD isolate should not be detected (unless in hemp oil or hemp seed oil).

We focus on CBD Isolate in MCT oil for many reasons including its smell.

What if CBD smells fishy

So it’s just the base oil that might have a scent.

CBD Isolate is usually just CBD and a base oil.

The hemp oil could have gone bad or is just getting long in the tooth.

CBD by itself has no smell.