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An Introduction to CBD Oil CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring phytocannabinoid in cannabis. CBD is typically derived from the hemp plant and

CBD Queen® is a registered trade mark owned by Brighton CBD Company ltd, a company registered in England and Wales under company registration number 11196793. Registered address: Suites 2 & 3 Marine Trade Centre Lockside, Brighton Marina, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 5HA

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Our FAQ will help you understand CBD oil and the different terminology so you can make the right purchase decision.

Our CBD oils are produced from the highest quality hemp available in Colorado, meeting the strictest level of standards. We third-party test all of our products ensuring each batch is of the highest quality.

When you learn about the therapeutic benefits of CBD, and you contemplate buying it, a question or two might pop up in your mind, and

Hemp seed oil cold-pressed from hemp seeds is rich in essential fatty acids. In fact, it contains the perfect 3:1 ratio of omega 6 to omega 3. But it does not contain any cannabinoids and is derived exclusively from hemp seeds.

Each bottle of Hemp Seed Oil contains 10ml

CBD Hemp Seed Oil 5%: Harnessing Everything Hemp Has To Offer

You’ve probably heard a lot about CBD and hemp seed oil respectively. Our CBD Hemp Seeds Oil 5% uses a pure hemp formula. European hemp varieties have been specially bred and adapted for high seed yields and high CBD content. By combining the two, we have harnessed everything the hemp plant has to offer.

In contrast, CBD is a cannabinoid derived from high-CBD hemp flowers and other plant material. Our pure CBD is obtained from organically farmed EU hemp via CO₂ extraction. This is often called the “cleanest” method for extracting the cannabinoid as it does not leave toxic remnants behind. Our CBD Hemp Seeds Oil contains trace amounts of THC (less than 0.02%) and should, therefore, be legal in the majority of European nations—but please be sure to check at your location to avoid disappointment.

Please note: RQS CBD Oil Hemp Seed Oil is not intended as a replacement for any form of medicine. Please consult a medical professional if in doubt. Keep out of reach of children.