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cbd oil pillow

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Unzip the cover, and remove any amount of fill to customize the firmness level to your individual needs.

The softness of down with the support of memory foam. Made with a proprietary medium-firm blend of gel memory foam with alternative down microfibers for both comfort & neck support. Our memory foam is hypoallergenic, and certified by CertiPUR-US® and GREENGUARD Gold to ensure low chemical emissions for safety.


You don’t need a pillowcase for your CBD Pillow, but if you find the CBD to be too potent, a pillowcase can be used to dampen the effects.

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From farm to pillow

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All memory foam is not created equal. Different formulas mean distinctly different feels—and we’ve perfected proprietary blends. Our ActiveDough™ blend combines the feel of responsive latex with the classic contouring relief of memory foam for an airy, supportive pillow that relieves your pain points and amplifies your sleep.

Our exclusive ergonomic design features zones of precisely cut columns that create soft and firm regions within your pillow. The central columns are larger to provide support for the weight of your head, while the smaller columns provide an ideal cushion for your neck to keep you aligned while you sleep.

Each CBD pillow in our line includes a spritzer of organically grown, THC-free, CBD oil. By spraying directly on your pillowcase, you refresh the effects of the pillow and create an enhanced CBD sleep experience.

Product Feature

ActiveDough™ Memory Foam

CBD stands for cannabidiol. CBD may help manage restlessness, pain, and stress—which all affect your quality of sleep. By addressing one of those root causes, CBD can improve your sleep. Learn more about CBD.

CBD may help manage restlessness, pain, and stress—which affect your sleep. Embrace total comfort and natural remedies with CBD-infused pillows plus a soothing sage scent in our cloud-like ActiveDough™ pillow.

A calming Clary Sage scent pairs with CBD for a multilayered restorative night’s sleep. We infused essential oils directly into the pillow for a soothing fragrance when you settle your head.