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cbd oil in kansas

Hard to say. This is because the laws around the legality of CBD in this State are contradictory. On paper, THC-free CBD oil is legal to Kansas residents. However, it’s difficult to find CBD oil with 0% THC. However, in July 2019, an amendment was made to the state hemp and cannabis laws to support the State’s fledgling industrial hemp program.

The wake of the Farm Bill 2014 allowed States to launch independent pilot programs to further research hemp viability as a crop. Hence, the KDA launched a program in partnership with Kansas’ public universities to allow and license farmers to grown hemp containing no more than 0.3% THC. In February 2019, the KDA published regulations for the research program.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Kansas?

Historically, the FDA has always been strict with health content and claims that can be understood as medical advice – including CBD. Hence, hemp production or sale, including CBD, remains tightly regulated by federal law.

Luckily, by buying online, you can easily confirm whether the product is THC-free by checking the brand’s third-party lab results. The lab results will reveal the type of oil and the amount of THC in the product. It will also show whether the hemp was organic, pesticide-free, chemical-free, and GMO-free.

Hemp was redefined as an agricultural commodity when the 2018 Farm Bill was made a law. The Bill removed hemp products, including CBD, from Schedule 1 substances. Though this was a significant step towards the legalization of cannabis, the Bill has caused confusion at the state level, especially to Kansas residents.

Expect a complicated answer to that question since there’s no clear legislation in place. The somewhat “official” line is that Kansas residents can purchase CBD oil with 0% THC. People who derive cannabinoids from hemp understand that it can be very challenging to get zero percent THC. Generally, you can buy broad-spectrum CBD products in Kansas, although not full-spectrum. Theoretically, CBD isolate is also permissible.

It’s actually absurd that Kansas residents can cultivate hemp plants not exceeding 0.3% THC but cannot sell them within the state. Reducing the THC content to zero is an expensive and complicated procedure. Yet, this is what companies looking to sell CBD in Kansas face currently.

Is CBD Legal in Kansas?

SB263, the lesser-known bill signed in 2018, permitted the Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) to grow and promote hemp’s research and development. What’s more, it created provisions for a pilot program throughout Russell County. Generally, HB2167 expanded with this legislation.

Although many states tend to allow CBD sale to progress uninterrupted, this is not the actual case for all locations. It’s only a few states that attempted to pass a legislation that can legalize the compound officially. Consequently, it isn’t a guarantee that the authorities in Kansas permit and overlook the use of CBD should they catch you with it. Read on to answer the question is CBD legal In Kansas today.

What’s more, the state’s physical CBD stores are under pressure and should show this proof. In case you get a shop that doesn’t, it would be best to look elsewhere. Otherwise, there is no way of knowing what the actual THC content is. In such a case, the only option is to have the product tested yourself. Also, you aren’t allowed to do in Kansas is purchase CBD in a different state and carry it home.