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cbd oil for lymphedema

Around half the studies in a recent systematic reviews found that medicinal cannabis products may be effective for pain, spasticity, sleep and bladder function; the others were inconclusive.

Dronabinol is a synthetic form of THC.

Epilepsy [ edit | edit source ]

The International Association for the Study of Pain taskforce looked at all the available research published in peer-reviewed journals on the use of medicinal cannabis for pain management, from preclinical studies to human trials.

The use of medicinal cannabis products in palliative care is currently unclear.

Nabiximols is a TGA-registered medicine, under the tradename Sativex. It is a standardised extract of cannabis, containing roughly equal amounts of THC and CBD.

Your exercise routine, developed by one of our Kyle, TX physical therapists, will include gentle muscle contractions to restore your function and increase your range of motion. Exercise of the affected limb(s) also often promotes drainage of lymph fluids.

Lymphedema can often take months or even years to develop as a result of cancer treatment.

Symptoms of lymphedema typically occur in the arms and legs. Pain levels vary from moderate (noting slight changes or sensations in your limbs) to serious (noticing extreme changes or feelings in your limbs, to the point where they may be difficult to use).

Lymphedema management through physical therapy

Lymphedema may currently be ruling your life, but it doesn’t have to be this way forever.

Are there areas of your body that are swollen, close, or difficult to touch? In certain cases, people with these symptoms know that they have lymphedema, in others, some education will be necessary to know where to turn for pain relief.

The lymphatic system is an important part of your immune and circulatory systems, so lymphedema may occur when it is not working properly. It’s a network of vessels that carry lymph fluid to the core.

Secondary lymphedema occurs as a result of a disease or disorder. It can also happen after a person is treated for cancer; oftentimes during surgical treatments, lymph nodes are weakened or removed entirely. Lymphedema can also be the product of surgical procedure involving lymph nodes.