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cbd oil for colds

The study summarized research done on a wide variety of viruses, including serious diseases. If you suspect you have something more than a common cold, you should always seek medical attention.

The federal government generally turns a blind eye to CBD sales, but the industry is young and lightly regulated, so you may need to experiment to find products that are consistent and effective for you. One issue is that it’s hard to know whether the product you buy has the amount of CBD promised on the label. A University of Pennsylvania study analyzed 84 products from 31 different companies and found nearly half had more CBD than indicated, while 26 percent had less CBD than indicated. Some CBD products may contain significant amounts of THC that can cause intoxicating effects, although reputable producers should say so on the label.

A wide variety of products to choose from

A cold can make you feel miserable, but the symptoms generally pass in a week or two. Take care of yourself, get plenty of rest, and try a few supplements along with the chicken soup to see if there’s something that makes you feel better.

“The study, titled “Cannabinoids and Viral Infections,” concluded that cannabinoids such as CBD, which can be derived from marijuana or hemp plants, may be helpful in dealing with persistent viral infections”

While CBD might be good for colds, THC can suppress the immune system, so you should probably avoid it until you feel better. And it’s pretty much common sense that you don’t want to be smoking while you are sick with a cold – your respiratory system is already compromised by your illness, and you certainly don’t want to spread the sickness by passing a joint or a vape pen.

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