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cbd oil for absence seizures

Parental reports of cannabinoid efficacy were highly favorable. From 60% to 79% said their child had fewer seizures after starting the cannabinoid treatment, and 13% to 15% reported complete seizure freedom.

What most people use is some “artisanal” product grown or refined to emphasize cannabidiol over tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive component responsible for the recreational “high.” For pediatric treatment, these are formulated as oral concentrates which can be taken either straight or with food.

He called the reported improvements “meaningful” but cautioned that, like in the other studies, they were ultimately based on unchecked parent reports.

— Thus far, only parent reports and open-label trials for support.

That point was echoed by Orrin Devinsky, MD, of New York University’s Epilepsy Center in New York City, who presented data from compassionate-use, open-label treatment of various seizure disorders with Epidiolex in 151 children and young adults.

SEATTLE — Epileptic patients and especially parents of children with the condition believe that the cannabidiol component of marijuana was effective, but there remains little solid evidence that it was not just a placebo effect, researchers said here.

Chapman said he had seen children seizing in his office despite parents’ assurance that they were now seizure-free. And in the chart review, parent-reported responders with interictal EEG data available showed no objective improvement.

Kevin Chapman, MD, of Children’s Hospital of Colorado in Denver, said epilepsy is the most commonly sought indication for medical marijuana use in his state.

Our nine-year-old daughter has Absence Seizures. We have tried all the major types of drugs prescribed by her neurologist. She has experienced every single negative & bad side effect with these poisonous medicines. We've taken her off all meds, she is still having atypical seizures. Now, we are considering the cannabis plant. Does anyone have any feedback for us in connection with Absence Seizures and CBD's &/or THCA meds?
Thank you