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cbd oil dosage for lyme

One question I get a lot is whether or not it’s legal. CBD is federally legal as long as there is less than .03% THC. While it is federally legal, states have different laws and restrictions on CBD. In some states, CBD is illegal. In others, you can buy it with a prescription. In some others, you can walk into a store and purchase CBD legally right then and there. Click here to find out the laws in your state.

As time went on, I had constant “growing” pains in my arms and legs. My mom and grandma would rub me down with menthol pain-relieving cream almost every night. I would wake up crying from the pain, wanting to go to the hospital. The thought of Lyme disease never occurred to us. This went on for YEARS!

At that point, I had had enough! During my freshman year of college, I explained my symptoms to my doctor. Still the same height since early high school, I could no longer blame my symptoms on growing pains. Finally, tests showed that I had Lyme disease.

Finally, a diagnosis

However, although CBD doesn’t get you high, it does affect your brain. Research shows CBD interacts with receptors found in the central nervous system. This is why CBD can be used to help anxiety, PTSD, depression and many other neurological/mental health disorders.

CBD can also help you sleep. It increases the availability of serotonin which has soothing, anti-anxiety effects. It also helps lower inflammation which promotes sounder sleep. CBD can act as an alternative natural method to help you fall asleep and stay asleep, helping you get the rest you need. Sleep is so crucial to a healthy mind and body

CBD possesses an antibacterial effect, can reduce headache and nausea, strengthens the immune system, decreases pain caused by peripheral neuropathy, provides anticonvulsant properties and controls nerve episodes, anxiety, and depression. These are many symptoms exhibited by those suffering from Lyme disease. It is best to discuss a CBD regimen with your healthcare provider to determine the best method of treatment.

Friends and family would remind me not to forget cream and aspirin wherever I would go because they knew how much agony I would be in otherwise. My head was always foggy, even with a healthy diet and exercise. I experienced constant muscle tightness and spasms.

Getting tested for Lyme disease, as soon as you suspect you may be a carrier to this illness is crucial, as the above mentioned Borrelia Garinii and Borrelia Afzelli bacteria are difficult to identify and eliminate from the body. In fact, they significantly compromise the immune system and often develop resistance to some antibiotics.

In 2013, a clinical trial on pain caused by terminal diseases such as cancer was conducted by British researchers 3 . This is one of the most difficult types of pain to tolerate and usually, pharmaceutical drugs cannot calm it down.

Symptoms of Lyme disease

These studies reveal that CBD has the ideal healing properties, making it an appropriate and adequate supplement to improve the quality of life of people suffering from lyme disease.

And, in addition to the already known benefits, scientists have discovered that this particular component could also help people suffering from Lyme disease.

Since 1958, laboratory studies have shown that cannabis has antibacterial properties, and in 2008 the CBD also showed positive results in this regard.