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cbd oil capsules san diego

"I suffer from chronic pain in both arms. Over the last 10 years I have had over 50 surgical procedures despite trying years of alternatives and physical therapy. My constant pain is not expected to improve with additional surgical intervention. I cannot take opioids because they put me into tachycardia. I have had severe reactions to dozens of pharmaceutical options. My pain management doctor recommended CBD products. After trying dozens of different tinctures, creams, lotions, and patches that did not work, I was very skeptical about trying anything else. One of my wellness professionals convinced me to try Dawn’s products, and I was instantly impressed. By the end of the evening, my hands/arms were swollen and throbbing in pain. The pain increased when I try to pull up my covers at night. I had trouble sleeping because my hands would curl under and fall asleep. I now use Dawn’s salves every night before I go to bed. No more throbbing or curling under. I have recommended it to a lot of people who now love and buy her products: my 81 year old mother-in law’s knee, my nieces back, my nephews back, my neighbors neck, my other neighbors knee, my sisters carpel tunnel syndrome, my friends sore neck, my friends sore knee, etc….. Everyone who tries it, loves it!! "

Here at HiKei Modern Cannabis , we are proud to offer the best CBD Oil selection in San Diego.

CDB IN COFFEE / CDB IN HOT TEA – Some products are made to mix into coffee or teas.

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LIP BALM – Lip Balm products provide natural relief of soreness along with other topical products

There definitely is something magical about the powerful health benefits of cannabis. Our bodies are filled with cannabinoids so it only makes sense that it may help us.

Come stop by our Home Ave location outside Downtown and have our bud tenders educate you on the various benefits and popular uses of CBD.