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cbd oil capsules in india

Kalpana Dubey

Each one matters

Women of Cannabis: Olivia Newton-John’s inspiring story!

When I joined, I remember hoping that I fit in well with the team and thinking just how welcoming everybody was – they were really nice. The unique thing about Here is the sheer sense of camaraderie; and the true care behind that.

CBD Store has given me the learning to manage cross-collaborative functions with accountability and efficiency. I was able to deploy these new skills meaningfully and productively. I love the progressive nature of the business.

Health Notice:

Cannaflam TM is LIKELY SAFE when taken orally, as a prescription medication. Some reported side effects of Cannabis include dry mouth, decrease in blood pressure, increased heartbeat, light-headedness and drowsiness.

Psoriasis: Psoriasis is a chronic skin, a condition caused by keratinocyte proliferation and inflammation due to hyperactive immune system. Up-regulation of both CB1 and CB2 receptor by CBD and THC suppresseskeratinocyte proliferation and inflammation (9)

HPMC veg capsule filled with Cannabis leaves wholesome extract and organic cold pressed coconut oil.

Heart disease: It might increase heartbeatand fluctuations in blood pressure. Patients suffering from heart diseases should take this under strict Doctor’s guidance and supervision.

Drugs for Sedative medications (Barbiturates & CNS depressants): Taking Cannaflam TM along with sedative medications might cause too much sleepiness. With fluoxetine, it might cause you to feel irritated, nervous, jittery, and excited. Doctors call this hypomania.