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cbd infused cream portland

All Grön products are handcrafted with locally and sustainably sourced ingredients whenever possible and are 3 rd Party Tested for quality assurance. The cacao used in their chocolates is Fair Trade and sustainably sourced. Grön is transparent with all test information, which is available to customers through a QR code on all their product packaging.

Founded by Christine Smith, Grön is the Swedish word for green and was chosen based on her love for both Scandinavia & Oregon and a passion for green living.

In 2015, Christine founded Grön to allow Oregon cannabis consumers to enjoy delicious chocolate. While working full-time at a Portland architecture firm, she took it upon herself to learn the art of chocolate making on the side and began infusing her recipes with cannabis oil extract. With no outside capital and using only responsibly sourced ingredients, Christine navigated Oregon’s regulatory requirements and became the state’s first fully compliant edible processor certified by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Oregon Health Authority.

Locally made in Portland, Grön features CBD-infused chocolates, tinctures, gummies & body care products.

After the company’s initial success, Christine focused on finding a way to make CBD available to a wider audience by using technology that creates a 100% THC free product that can be enjoyed by anyone. Grön’s line of CBD products is sourced from the only USDA-certified organic hemp farm in Oregon.

Zupan’s currently carries Grön CBD chocolate bars & tinctures in a variety of flavors, body balm, face & neck cream, eye cream, gummies, and even pet tinctures.

We offer a wide variety of quality and local CBD products in our wellness department, including supplement formulas and topical products, as well as options for pets.

From supplement formulas and topical products to options for pets, we choose CBD products for their quality and clean extraction process, while focusing on stocking organic products from local producers. Staff members are happy to answer any questions you might have.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating plant compound and will not get you “high.” Most CBD products are sourced from sustainable hemp but can be derived from other plants as well. In contrast, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), is psychoactive and mainly found in marijuana.

What is CBD?

We’re now carrying even more CBD products across the store sourced from sustainable hemp and natural botanicals.

The friendly, knowledgeable staff in our wellness department can help answer questions about these products, their extraction processes and how to read the labels. We make no claims to the health benefits of CBD, nor the dosing. Consult a reputable website or medical professionals for more information.

We’ve partnered with the best CBD producers out there, both local and nationwide, to offer our customers the best products available on the market. All our CBD products come with a high standard for quality and clean extraction process, and we’re proud to shine the spotlight on organic products from local producers.